Friends Life and Fun Pictures

Meeting Mr Miyagi, Kennysia and Ming.


Quite some time ago, i attended two of the Singapore Writers Festivals talks.

Outfit of the day.

Closer look at the pretty wedges. hurhur. i need a pedicure!

It was interesting listening to them. From how they’ve first started and tips on how to gain readership etc.

check out the venue!


turns out estee and i wore similiar outfits! and no, we didnt gang up together! 😛

posing with mr miyagi’s book!

some of the fellow nuffnangers that went…


ylva and me!

estee and i. 🙂

pics with the speakers!

ming. whatcha looking at?!

with kennysia.

with mr miyagi. 🙂

and one last group pic!

looks like us nuffnangers are in couple wear! 😛

after that, thb and i followed kenny to cineleisure and we spotted this!

FOR WAD! lol. WorldAidsDay. Nice tops!

i love the cute shirts in NewUrbanMale! iWant!

have you met my new boyfriend?

and i dragged kenny to take some cuckoo neoprints. here’s one of them!

lol. cute hor? 😛

i asked kenny to do a funny pose and this was what he did…


a group pic!

last but not least, a pic with one of my fav bloggers!

Hope to see you soon!

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