my ex used to call me bimbo all the time. supposedly jokingly.

i know i wasnt the brightest bulb around and i was a lil clumsy but i wasnt worth of the title ‘bimbo’.

when today, i realised.

perhaps he knew best all along.

perhaps its stress from work cause i seem to be forgetting things.

wednesday i went to watch shutter at starlight cinema with a certain fella. i had lotsa free tickets.

so i happily went to padang.

when i realised.

i had left the tickets in office. i was rushing for an external meeting that i left it behind! *slaps forehead*


thank god i had some frens going for the same show and they had extra free tix.

that was bad enough when today… i’m supposed to go starlight again. i packed everything. my tickets and what nots.

i brought a camera along.

and so… after lunch i bought pineapple. and when i was about to snack on them, i realised there was something growing on the damn pineapple slices. not sure if its some pineapple bits or something actually growing on it.

so i took my camera out.

and tried taking a picture when i realised….

i had left the batteries at home charging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


yes. bimbo. argh. the stress is getting to me. grrrrrrrrr.

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