was talking to sel yesterday about single and attached life.

it has been a long time since i was single and i find the change rather…

interesting. hahhaaa.

i was never controlled when i was attached (hey, even if you want to, i wont let you) but its totally different when one is single and attached. aside from no one to love or love you right now. but hey, easy come easy go.

being single is like having a buffet.

plenty of choices. (yes, i cant believe im saying this) u can choose jap food, french cuisine, italian pasta, or anything else.

there is so many choices.

whereas being attached is like having ala-carte meals. like for instance an italian restaurant.

if you love italian food, good for you. but one day its sure to get a lil mundane. and you’ll crave for other cuisines.

well, the only way, is to revamp. all relationships will get a tad dry or boring for a short while but its just how you work it out.

needless to say, after eating italian food for a long time and suddenly finding out that the restaurant is closed forever, its rather shocking for me.

withdrawal syndromes and what not.

but… been eating buffets these days. so.. 😛

well. the grass is always greener on the other side. when you have alacarte, you crave for buffet and vice versa.

solution: go to marche. whahaha. ala carte food with buffet choices.

alright im juz bored. hahaha.

anyway. the 4 Fs of being single: free to flirt, french, fling and f**k.

so… do you prefer buffet or alacarte?

i love alacarte, but.. its been a looooooooooooong time since i had buffet food. 😛

note: buffet doesnt mean flings!!!! means im single only la.

buffet need not mean flings. it can mean going on dates. or having a wider choice. or just being single and having fun!

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