was at the cowboybar… where a certain topic about winning a date emerged…

the contestants had to write a poem..

i shamelessly got one of them (albeit unwillingly) to write one for me… not tat flattering (of course la, i’m not the date! tmd), but wat de heck..

by Tigerkiller:

To redeem my name
To stay in the game
Another poem I shall write
Simply to set things right.

I once met a girl on the Net
Sitting in the Bar smiling and shining
She called herself a Nut
With the others she always goes Dining.

Always with Kicks and Slaps she response
Always with This and Thats she retorts
Always fluttering her lids and lips
Saying things she never means.

But never the others mind
For she’s the Bar’s precious little one
With her humor she does Bind
With the Best she does Run.

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