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I feel old.

I mean, I seriously do. Well, technically I AM old. Almost hitting the big 3 next year. GG MAX.

Anyway, I digress too much. I used to feel full of energy.

Go clubbing? No problem!
Come back wasted at 4am and go to work 4 hours later? No problem!
Stay out late all night, no problem!
Be a chatterbox and carry on a full conversation nonstop? No problem!
Talk to the boyfriend for HOURS on the phone? No problem!
Go out with a huge group of people? No problem!
Work till late, surviving on 4 hours of sleep everyday? No problem!


Go clubbing, fall asleep half way. Got problem.
Drink 5 glasses of alcohol. Cannot tahan anymore. Need to go home. Got problem.
Stay out late? Mai la. Auntie rather stay at home watch Running Man. Got problem.
Be a chatterbox? Mai la. “Chat” via twitter lor. Got problem.
Talk to the hubby on the phone? Siao boh. Now the style just whatsapp “Good night, love you!” can liao la! Got problem.
Go out with a huge group of people? Bo lah. Auntie prefer small groups. Max 5. Anything more, face cramp from all the smiling. Got problem.
Work till late? Aiyoh, work till 6pm already deplete all energy. Got problem.

I’m definitely young at heart. But the body is old. Ho sey la.

Okay, tired to blog liao. Auntie tired liao.


/Auntie nad signing out

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