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Ashley Low Photography should be no stranger to many of you. I worked with Ashley for my previous maternity shoot for #1 and various other sessions before in the last two years! Here's a recap:

Just like with Aidan, I wanted to capture photos of my beautiful bump when pregnant with Davina (aka #2) but I wanted something different as compared with Aidan!

Ashley and I discussed about a few different scenarios and concept and we decided to go for an outdoor photoshoot this time as we did an indoor shoot when I was pregnant with Aidan.

I showed some pictures from Pinterest as reference to Ashley and we both concluded that I preferred florals and a more girly look for this shoot. While Ashley offered a great variety of outfits to choose from, I wanted to search for different styles of clothings for the shoot. Showed them to Ashley and we shortlisted three outfits and decided on going to Botanical Gardens for our shoot!

I also mentioned to Ashley that while this was  a maternity shoot, I would prefer if we can skew it to more of a family shoot. I wanted both Aidan and Skai to be the main stars of the shoot too.

Here's the end results! I love the pics! Ashley really charmed Aidan too because he was so cooperative and so happy during the shoot.

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2017 is coming to an end. Soon we will be ushering in 2018. Have you guys thought about what you've done in 2017?

For today's post, as per last year's and the year's before, I'm going to "throwback" major events (good and bad) in my life in 2017! Here are my 4 Major Things That Happened To Me in 2017!

1. Successfully planned for Aidan's 1st Year Birthday Party




We did the DIY Candy table ourselves instead of hiring the professionals. I think it looks damn good for a DIY effort. That being said, now with Aidan being bigger, might be tough to do so next time!

2. Still surviving playing the parenting game.

We didn't rage quit. And we liked it so much that we decided to continue to the next level. (See next point.)

3. Am pregnant with kiddo #2.



Once we decided on having a second child, we decided to 'plan' for one. I thought with breastfeeding and all, it would have affected my fertility... but looks like we were blessed by the baby gods once again! We planned for a 2 years gap... and we hit it with our first try. HAHAHA.

4. Re-evaluated my priorities.

Family became the main priority for me, as you can tell from my social media posts. We have cut down on social obligations (like blogging events etc) and lessened travelling etc. But it's all good. No resentment whatsoever. I would rather give up everything to enjoy these precious years. I don't want to miss out on Aidan's precious years.



That's the 4 Major Things That Happened to Me in 2017. How was yours? I'm looking forward to 2018! We will see baby #2 in 2018!

I would love to thank everyone for being supportive of www.nadnut.com. You've followed my journey from the frivolous camwhoring days to getting engaged to losing weight to planning for my wedding to my honeymoon exploits to getting pregnant to giving birth and having Aidan and now being pregnant again!! I have never regretted blogging as I loved sharing my experiences. It's more of a Nadia's Lifestyle Blog rather than a Singapore Lifestyle Blog. LOL.

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You've probably read and seen my previous posts with Ashley Low Photography. After a great experience with them, they were my top choice when I was looking to do another photoshoot.

Needless to say, I wanted to celebrate the special moment of Aidan turning 1! I love the whole concept of a Cake Smash Photoshoot thus I really wanted to do one!
I discussed this with Ashley on the concept and she suggested a blue theme! Which was perfect cos that was one of our favourite colours! Well, mine.


I also requested for something simpler like buntings or poms and Ashley totally nailed it with the background prepared! She also prepared the cutest cake ever!



Unfortunately the star of the show was feeling a bit cranky that day and refused to touch the cake. Really gotta love how patient the photographer was and Aidan soon warmed up!


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As some of you guys may know, I love photoshoots! I really do. Especially now that Aidan is growing up fast, I am totally obsessed with documenting his growth (which is pretty evident from my numerous Instagram posts and milestones posts on my blog)

Previously I did a Maternity and Newborn shoot with Ashley Low Photography and LOVED the experience. Needless to say, it was pretty much a no-brainer for me to go back to her!

I scheduled my Tummy to Tippy Toes shoot with Ashley Low Photography when Aidan was close to 11 months old. This was the time that he was crawling a lot and starting to stand (with support). He was also displaying lots of cheeky grins from time to time and I really wanted to capture that moment.

I discussed with Ashley on a few different concepts and I pretty much left it to her to suggest some themes to play with!

Our first theme was the Ah Boys to Men theme. Which was perfect for us, because Skai is a Regular Medium. hhahahah.


I love how Ashley makes Aidan laugh. She has toys and many gimmicks to coax funny expressions from him!

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