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As some of you guys may know, I did my recent maternity shoot with Ashley Low Photography and basically almost all of my family shoots with her!

She did such an awesome job with Aidan's newborn photoshoot that it's a no-brainer that I would return to her!

Do check out pics of Aidan's shoot here! 

Prior to the shoot

We discussed about themes and concepts. Questions posed to me were:

- Do you have any colour preferences like “neutral”, “pastels only”, “bright” or you are fine with any colour choice?
- Do you like usage of flowers, floral themes?
- We have the following set ups: basket/fabric ; beanbags ; themes - do you have preference over any kind of set ups?

I also viewed their website to have a sense of what types of set ups were available. Back then, for Aidan's shoot, I wanted colourful. For Davina, I wanted more neutral and girly colours. I also opted for more beanbags and baskets/fabrics as compared to concept themes.

Ashley's team also shared with us to consider neutral coloured outfits for our family shoot and to avoid big logos etc. Like with Aidan's, we decided to go with all white again!

They also sent across the location map for our easy reference.

On the day itself

Ashley has shifted studio to a stone's throw away from her previous one. The new studio is bigger and more comfy!



There was a huge bunch of props and also an area for kids to have fun, which Aidan definitely did! He had so much fun with all of the toys!



A pantry area where cold and hot drinks are available. Plenty of snacks were available too!



Some of the other props available such as cloths, swaddles, baskets etc


A changing table where diapers and wet wipes are available.


I was extremely excited when I walked in as I saw all of the themes prepared for me.

I soon sat back and just let Ashley and her team to work her magic. She took care of outfit changes, to coaxing Davina to even changing her diaper when Davina soiled it! Here are some behind the scenes pics I sneakily took of Ashley and team!




We managed to finish the photoshoot within 1.5 hours despite having to stop for 2 times, to breastfeed and also having to coax a temperamental Aidan who did not want to take pics and wanted to continue playing LOL.

All I can say is... Ashley really knows how to coax kids! She got Aidan smiling in no time!

Final results



Love the sky background!


Florals! Huge fan of florals



Pink and neutrals in a basket!


I had to do this shot as we did a similar one for Aidan back then! I also customised the name banner for Davina.


My princess in a tutu!

And my personal favourite... the family shots!






My happy family. 😀



Featuring the gems in my life.

I'm so glad that we decided on a newborn shoot for both of our kids, they grow up so fast! Love that we captured these precious moments in prints!

Discount code available!

If you are an expecting mum, I'll highly recommend that you splurge on a newborn shoot! It's definitely worth it! Ashley has also kindly extended a discount for www.nadnut.com readers!

Simply quote ‘Nadia’ upon booking to enjoy $50 discount on all session fees! Discount is available till 31st December 2018. Do take note that terms and conditions apply!

For bookings and enquiries, email Ashley at: info@ashleylowphotography.com
Visit her website for more details! www.ashleylowphotography.com

Background info about Ashley:

Ashley Low Photography (ALP) is a cosy and personable boutique set-up that provides creative and fun photos for your beautiful lasting memories for your newborns and babies. Ashley is a female photographer and the only Photographer in ALP who specialises in Newborn and Baby Photography, and they also provide photography services for pregnant mummies and families in Singapore. ALP has been around for over 6 years now!

If you like my photos, do check out Ashley Low Photography! It's definitely a great experience working with her. All in all, I enjoyed the brainstorming sessions and actual photoshoot the most! She really made me feel at ease, which is very important for a newborn photoshoot!

Do check out my pregnancy and baby blog posts here:

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Just like with Aidan, I opted for a scheduled c-section with Davina. Reasons being, I suffered from low placenta again and Davina was breech.

To be honest, I really did wanted to try a natural birth but because of the risks involved, a healthy baby was more important.

This time again, we chose the single ward. Same like last time, we checked in after midnight, did the pre-admission etc. I however felt even more nervous than the first time. Had so many fears and worries before the surgery. I guess, it's also because I knew what was going on, thus I felt more scared.

I couldn't sleep a single wink before my surgery. Not a single minute at all.

Funnily, this time, I didn't had to use a supp to clear my bowels. I asked the nurse and she said there was a note that I had a low placenta and that they don't use supps for low placenta. Kinda weird if you asked me since I had that for #1. Maybe my placenta was lower than back then?

Same as the previous time, they prepped me and wheeled me off to the operating theatre while Skai was brought elsewhere to prep.

I had previously requested for the same anaesthetist but unfortunately she wasn't available. This time, a male anaesthetist handled my surgery. He gave me laughing gas before inserting the spinal block which I didn't feel help much. It just basically makes you feel a bit woozy LOL.

For those familiar with a caesarian will know how's the procedure.

  • After the anaesthetist has injected the spinal block, your gynaecologist will check if you have any pains by using pressing your stomach.
  • They will then start the operation, and very quickly the father will be ushered in and your baby will be born quite quickly. At this part, some pressure will be placed on your tummy to push the baby out.
  • After a quick photo taking, the father and baby will be ushered at the side where they will check the baby and also have a look at the placenta.
  • The baby will then go thru a few other checks elsewhere and the father will be ushered out of the operating theatre.
  • The operation will continue as the gynaecologist will concentrate on closing you up.

Here's my account of Aidan's birth.

This time, everything happens as per usual.. at the beginning. Skai was ushered in and we waited.

However Davina didn't appear as fast as Aidan did and we noticed that the mood of the team took a very serious turn. More hands were called for to help push Davina out. At this time, no one was telling us what was happening but we knew that Davina was stuck. I heard the anaesthetist suggesting to my gynaecologist to use the forceps.

It felt like forever (as compared to Aidan's time) and finally Davina was born. However she did not cry. I noticed some of the staff hurrying to call the pd etc. It felt like everyone was holding their breath as.. We all know there would be complications if the baby does not cry...

After a while, she cried. I have never thank god so many times in my life before. Skai was then ushered out and again, my gynaecologist closed me up. And everything was per normal.

The next day, when I was feeling better, I asked my gynae what happened. In my own understanding, my bladder was in the way of the scar so he cut in a different angle. Coupled with the fact that Davina was not in the right position, it became a very difficult delivery.

But thank god, all is well.

Aside from that, I suffered side effects from the epidural such as shivering and nausea. My nausea was so bad that I wasn't allowed food for a while. When I could eat, I was only allowed porridge for 2 days.

I also had breastfeeding contractions which I later found out was more common in second time mums. Recovery for my second c-sect definitely took longer and I was in severe pain for a few weeks. Thankfully I'm much better now. But am still taking it slow, to be safe.

Enough about the wall of text, here are some pics from my hospital stay!

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This is a Monday's Musings - Random thoughts, feelings and musings by Yours Truly entry under my themed blog posts! For more info about the themed blog posts, do read the entry here

I think most of my Monday's Musings entries comes from real life experiences. When irked, amused, I think it makes good content for Monday's boliaoness posts.

Previously I wrote a piece "5 Things That Change Once You've Been Married" back in 2014. Since  then, I've embarked into a new role, as a mother.

Decided to blog about how things have changed since then. I’ll like to hear from other parents on things that have changed for you! Please do comment on this 5 Things That Change Once You've Become A Parent entry!

1. You'll never sleep well ever again.

Waking up every 3 hours because the baby needs to feed or change his diaper. Yeah. Especially if he's breastfed, he'll need to feed more frequently than formula fed babies.

After 6 months, Aidan has kinda slept thru the night. Sleeping thru the night means 5 hours. So, that's the best I can get. 5 hours of sleep at a stretch. I'll take whatever I can get.


2. You'll never stop worrying.

During my pregnancy, we had a few scares. My gynae shared with us some advice. He said "we'll never stop worrying as parents." And it's so true!

You'll worry if he's not eating well, if he's gaining too much weight, not gaining enough weight, has his monthly jabs, have not started flipping like his peers, have started flipping. Basically everything. Just the other week, Aidan had a fever (not related to any jabs). Needless to say, I freaked out. Skai, being the more rationale one, told me to calm the fuck down. -_-"

Gave him some paracetamol and sponged him. His fever soon disappeared.


3. You'll take more pictures of your baby than of yourself.

Forget selfies or wefies with your partner. The only pics that matter are your babies. Sometimes you'll take wefies with your baby but most of the time, it is just a whole lot of spam pics of your child.


4. You'll feel that time passes by way too fast.

Every single day, I feel that he's growing up way too fast. Do I wish that I had the luxury to stay at home with him? Every single day.

Do I feel guilty about not spending enough time with him? Every single fucking day.

Honestly, most days, I hardly hang out with friends. Many times colleagues would ask me out for dinner etc, but all I want to do is rush home and see my boy. Goodbye social engagements and blogger events. Maybe once in a fortnight, perhaps.

Ashley Low Photography, nadnut

5. You'll never stop learning.

You probably thought that after university, you'll never have to read or study again.


I have never researched so much in my life before. Reading about pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding and now weaning.


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Well, this is my Monday's Musings entry. Sorry for the long wall of text! I hope that you've enjoyed reading this 5 Things That Change Once You've Become A Parent piece! Are there any other topics that you'll like to hear from me? Do comment and I'll muse about that ;)

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Who says Dating in Singapore is boring?!

This is a Sundate - #nadskai at it's best entry. #Sundate entries covers the various paktoring experiences between nadnut and Skai. Just because we're married does not mean that romance is dead! We aim to try out new experiences, cafes, hobbies etc! 

[Invited event]

#nadskai visited the new Golden Village Gold Class cinemas at Suntec City not too long ago courtesy of a PR invite.

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

Interior of the GV Suntec City's Gold Class.

What was different from the other Gold Class cinemas was that they offered ProBax seats, a reinforced foam structure within the seat base to encourage an anatomically seat posture.

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

Did I notice anything different? Honestly? No. But it was very comfortable as per most of my Gold Class experiences. The funny thing was before the movie, I had visited Backjoy to buy well, a backjoy for my aching back! LOL

One can also expect to see the new Grab and Gold Cafe in GV Suntec City, which isn't available in other GVs. But as we were in a rush, we ordered for the food to be delivered to us in the cinema.

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

goldclass and knowyourflow

Delicious meals at an affordable price.

Last but very not least, the new GV Suntec City also offers an improved 3D experience with it's newest theatre system which has a 28% efficiency rate which offers brighter and clearer images.

goldclass and knowyourflow

Thanks GV for the invite!

Do take note that while I was invited to experience their services, I was not obligated to even review them. This isn't an advertorial. Opinions are of my own.

#nadskai are  looking at doing more stuff as a couple together. I think it's really fun and different! Also helps us grow and understand each other more! If you do know of other fun activities, do comment here! After all, I don't believe Dating in Singapore is boring!

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