stories i wrote. fictional…. sometimes.


A long time ago.... I used to write sad depressed stories. Fictional of course. But truth to be told, they were always inspired by channelling some raw pain i felt.

Instead of expressing that hurt in many ways, such as physically cutting myself (it's an example, i will never do it. Take a chill pill!), i express it in words.

When i got happier, the ability to craft these sad tales seem to disappear. It seems that i really need to hurt to be able to write.

What happens is that i usually start with a line. A line i can't forget. Something that eats at me that i'll craft a whole story around it.

Today, i suddenly thought of a line "the heart that was never there". I feel inspired to write a sad melancholic / depressed tale inspired by that line but the ink runs dry.

Does this happen to any of you?

I am happier beyond belief now. But yet i'm sad to have lost that ability to express raw pain through my words.

Ah well, frivolous photologs and silly words, shall we?

Some stories i wrote last time. Nothing good, but they were just inspired from the pain i felt.

- Her silent cries
- The colour red
- The need yo please
- Questions with no answers
- The pain
- Nothing would be the same anymore
- She never woke up again
- A little magic
- He never came back
- The pain
- A bitter facade
- Building walls
- The stench
- Lost
- Love, lost
- Pieces of a broken heart
- And so.. They parted
- Happiness
- Recurring dreams
- Tears behind her smile
- Her fragile heart
- Sensation of being watched
- Danger beneath happiness
- Be careful of what you wish for
- I'll bleed just to know that i'm alive
- The mask
- Her collection of masks
- Eugene
- The road
- Despair beyond hops
- Loved and lost
- It was her birthday that day. Nothing could go wrong
- I'll be with you, David.


Hoo Rah Ray! Majolica Majorca has just launched a story writing competition! And there's awesome prizes to be won!

Here's how to participate!

- Write a short story of not more than 300 words.

- The story has to be about your magical journey with Majolica using these 4 products:
1) Skin Remake
2) Mascara/Lashbone
3) Autoliner
4) Jewelling eyes

- The prizes are:
1st prize: $500 worth of Majolica Majorca products
2nd prize: $300 worth of Majolica Majorca products
3rd prize: $200 worth of Majolica Majorca products

Contest ends 30th November! Winners will be announced on 2nd Dec. For more details, check out the MJ FB page or you can head over to the NAC (Ngee Ann City) showcase.

I've decided to write my very own MJ story! I wonder if the other Majolica Majorca blog ambassadors are doing it too... Hmmm.

Here's mine!

Once upon a time, there was a little girl named Jo. All her life she had wanted to be beautiful but unfortunately she felt that she was born plain. She traveled to many places and met many people who claimed able to make her beautiful but they all proved unsuccessful.

One day, she heard a rumour that in the land of far far away, was a magical place where one could be transformed to be a fair beauty by the 4 almighty ones.

She immediately set her way to the land of far far away. It was hard getting there, for the place was full of obstacles but yet she persevered. She took days, spent countless of money to get her way there.

She managed to reach the land of far far away and found the 4 almighty ones.

Lady Skin Remake made Jo fair with a smooth flawless complexion. Jo skipped around in delight and went on to search for the next almighty one..

Princess Jeweling Eyes waved her magical hands and swished around Jo and soon, Jo had big beautiful eyes!

Prince Perfect Autoliner stepped right up to Jo after Princess Jeweling Eyes was done and said "Majolica Majorca!". Jo's beautiful eyes were more defined and he had given a beautiful smokey eyes look.

Jo skipped in delight and went off to find the last almighty one..

She soon found Sir Lashbone who was busy enjoying a cup of tea. He seemed annoyed at first but after she explained her quest to him, he decided to help her.

He gave her long lashes to help frame her beautiful eyes and Jo felt complete.

The 4 almighty ones bid her farewell and told her to spread the good name of Majolica Majorca to help other ladies in their quest for beauty.

Hope that you guys enjoyed my little short story! Remember to submit your own too!

All the best!


How do you sleep? Do you sleep on your back, on your side or just sprawled over the bed? Here's my tongue in cheek "anyhowly" personality by Doctor nadnut!

What does YOUR sleeping position say about you? by - Doctor nadnut!

The Foetus position.

"People sleeping in this position ah, always act very tough infront of other people. But acherly ah, they just want to be protected by others. Act tou

gh only nia but actually very sensitive and scared. Like durian lor. Outside pokey pokey one but inside very the soft!"

The Yearner Position.

"Dunno why everywhere else write as if people in yearner position veryvery lonely lor. See the hands stretched out? Macam want someone to hug. Someone pls throw her a bolster!" suspicious or cynical lor. I think people who sleep in this position

The Starfish position.

"Everywhere else hor write that these people sleep in this position are very good lor. Good listeners, very helpful and don't like to be centre of attention. I say nonsense! Obviously these kind of people not very considerate lor. Take so much space. Confirm very noisy also cause sleep on back more prone to snore!"

The Prayer position.

"Similiar to the foetus position. I think people sleeping in this position do not feel well wor. Either they are very cold or they are feeling sick! Very poor thing leh!"

The Sleeping Beauty position.

"This one ah, must be very demure, and well mannered. She try to sleep using as little space as possible and see hor, the hands? Must be don't move around a lot!"

The Freefall position.

"It is said that hor freefallers are outgoing, brash and very thickskinned. But I dunno leh? I see the position macam the people do not like confrontations and wants to just siam their problems hor?"

Aiyah, this is just what I think by observing their sleeping patterns wor. Anyway, Doctor nadnut thinks hor, no matter what ever sleeping position you sleep in, just remember to be comfortable to enjoy a good night sleep. Sleep in something comfy, keep cool, have the aircon/fan on, use Whisper Overnights if you're having your period and lotsa pillows! I must surround myself with a crazy amount of pillows and stuffed toys. And I can't sleep well without my favourite stuffed toy.

What's your sleeping position like? And what can't you sleep without? Tell me!


As part of one of our challenges during my Cleo Guest Editor stint, we had to pose questions and answer them ourselves.

All five of us had to have questions from beauty, fashion, sex & men, health and career. I won this challenge and had the chance to do a video segment for CLEO.

Here's my questions for Ask CLEO! I had lots of fun doing them.. perhaps I should consider doing more of these in future... If you have any questions, leave them down and perhaps I'll answer them if I can. 😉


Q: I’ve always wanted to try eyeliner but there are so many different types! What would you recommend for an eyeliner newbie like me? HELP! – Sophia, 18

A: Eyeliners are an important part of makeup. It helps define the eyes, making them more prominent and help enhances one’s looks. There are many different kind of eyeliners, the more common ones being pencil, liquid and gel eyeliners and each of them have their own strong points.

A pencil eyeliner is simple to use and easy to control whereas a liquid liner would help create a more dramatic look but would require a lot of practice and a steady hand. A gel eyeliner is easy to apply and is good for smokey eyes. For beginners, try using a pencil or a gel liner till you have mastered the art of lining.


Q: I’ve got a wedding dinner to attend after work next week. Could you recommend me an outfit that I can use from day to night? – Pamela, 25

A: There are many different versatile outfits that you can consider wearing. You can consider wearing a wrap dress as it will be sophisticated for both work and the wedding dinner. However, if you were thinking of going in a dressier outfit, try wearing a tube or sleeveless dress coupled with a smart cropped jacket for work and then later remove the jacket and let your hair down for dinner. Do not forget to accessorise!

Sex & Men

Q: My man is too aggressive in bed, how do I slow him down without spoiling the mood? – Sandra, 22

A: One of the mistakes made during sex is being too aggressive. Granted that some couples may feel the excitement with fierce sex but not everyone feels the same way. Here are a few tips and tricks you can consider to tame your tiger.

The soft approach: Slow and steady

Instead of rushing things, take it slow instead. Tell your man that you’ll like to try something different, light up some candles, give him an oil massage and just take your time. Let him know that taking it slow does help with making sex last longer and is more enjoyable. Remember that you have all of the time in the world.

The hard approach: Teaching him a few lessons

If telling him doesn’t make him listen, how about being in control? Dress up in a hot teacher outfit and have a little sexy role play. Drum into him that you are to be worshipped and treated with utmost care and if he is still too aggressive, the wooden ruler is there for a reason. Most men have a fantasy about teachers and being tamed, and perhaps this might be the time to spank some sense into him.


Q: I have been snoring for ages and it’s embarrassing! What can I do to stop snoring? – Alessa, 23

A: Snoring is actually more common than you think. Take heart in the fact that you are not the only musician in this symphony. According to the American Academy of Otolaryngology, 50 percent of adults snore from time to time. Snoring can occur from numerous reasons: Allergies, nasal congestions and sleeping positions. Try sleeping on your side as sleeping on your back causes snoring due to the fact that gravity pulls the tongue down to the back of the mouth and limits the air passageway. Other suggestions would be to limit the intake of alcohol and clear your nasal passages.

If you snore due to the fact that you always suffer from allergies, sinus, colds and asthma, try using Breathe Right. They help open up your nasal passages which help to relieve nasal congestions. Breathe Right is available in all Watsons and Guardian Pharmacies.


Q: My boss has been asking me out for drinks after work to discuss about work constantly. How do I maintain a professional working relationship without crossing the line? – Crystal, 26

A: While going out with your boss after work to a pub to discuss about work may seem like an innocent thing, it may set some tongues wagging in the office. Gossip may damage your professional image and may even end up in disastrous results. Try maintaining a professional relationship by reducing the number of after work meetings and if you really can’t avoid after work meetings, try suggesting holding the meetings at the office especially if it is just the two of you.

And if you’ve done everything but are still unable to change the venue, do watch your alcohol intake. Do consider the effects of drinking too much; you might lose your inhibitions or say something you may regret. Keep a clear head by limiting the amount you’re drinking or if possible, order a mocktail instead.