Monthly Archives: February 2008


Just that, I'm currently recovering from a bout of stomach flu and thus am a bit weak and tired to do anything right now.

And no, I AM NOT GONNA PLAY WOW. stupid tiger! and NO! I don't want to be a gnome!!! even if i decide to play WOW, I wanna be TALL in virtual life!!!! you guys are meanies!!!!

Be right back soon. Updates and contest entries soon. Wait till i get my MOJO back. *sniff sniff*


Oh hai! Since she's away, I've popped in for a guest entry. As you may know, nadnut has decided over here to kill me if I got her WoW...but what if...she was a WoW toon?

Vote for your favourite form of nadnut and win fabulous prizes of nothing! Win trips to nowhere! Vote now! Each vote costs 1 million dollars and will go to the "Make Tiger A Billionaire Fund".

Here we go!

Should she be a dwarf or a tall blond gorgeous human?

Or a cute lil Gnome or a demon wannabe Draenai?

Or a tall and alien looking Night Elf or a strong masculine Orc?

Maybe she should hide under a bridge as a Troll or get karmanic retribution as a Tauren for all the cows she's eaten.

Hell, nothing like being Undead to live or be a Paris Hilton-esque Blood Elf...

Who knows? You decide!