who reads me?

a few days ago, i got a rather interesting email….

it turns out that someone who i have lost contact with saw my blog from her friend’s friend’s friend’s x infinity (ala friendster) blog.

awwwwwwwwwwww. i thought i’ll never hear from her again since we changed our numbers.

and previously, when i was blogsurfing, i found a blog of one of my secondary schoolmates! u never know whose reading you…

so, enough about me. tell me more about yourself. i wanna know whose reading me! 🙂 comment if you’re reading this! muaahhaahaaa.

much love!
nadia aka nadnut

29 thoughts on “who reads me?”

  1. Read your story to get 99% inspiration & 1% perspiration 😉

    nadnut: inspiration for ? and perspiration for ? o.O


  2. lol. Yeah You never know who’s reading. heh heh. Dun think you remember all though. 😛

    nadnut: true! whose this btw? any long lost friend? 🙂


  3. I read this blog.

    Email me if requires me to give u my blog add. Not so comfortable not knowing who i share it with.

    nadnut: hi! i would love your add! you can always mail me at nadnut[at] many thanks for your encouraging messages 🙂


  4. I am here, since ur blogspot days!

    nadnut: awwww. that’s so nice to hear! 🙂 thanks!


  5. Yo, I’m reading this. And I’m actually your cousin’s grand uncle’s brother’s sister-in-law’s grandmother’s step auntie’s neighbour’s daughter’s son. I read you! = D

    nadnut: hahahahaa! lol!


  6. Wow, people actually answer to you. I think I tried asking that quite some time back and nobody gave a shit. And I know that the arseholes are reading. Wow. they must really like you. 😛

    nadnut: lol. well, you answered too right? 😉


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