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What happens when you put bloggers + free flow of alcohol together?

[Image-intensive post!]

I haven’t posted party pics for the longest time! The last time was in December! Donkey months ago.. lol!

I was invited to Smirnoff’s Spirit of Champions party which was held at St James, Powerhouse on National Day. The party was organised in celebration of Smirnoff’s partnership with Manchester United Football Club, which sees Smirnoff as the club’s official spirits sponsor and responsible drinking partner.

The dress code was: chic or sporty in red and white.

Aside from the shoes, I was in red and white! Outfit courtesy of Puma.

Diana was also in Puma-wear! I love her shoes!

Nobody believed me when I told them I was wearing a guy’s shirt! So I decided to prove it…

By swapping clothes with Mus!

Mus looks great in my top! heh.

Speaking about great outfits…

Thiang looks great in the chic red & white theme!

Gracey’s top was so hawt that we forgave her for not wearing red and white!

Teamwork is important! This is the Spirit of Champions! Making sure all team members are comfortable. :p

Alrighty, more photos from here on…

Much love to Charlie who dragged my sorry ass home.

What is Eileen looking at?!

Brian did something naughty that night!

Niki looks hot hot hot!

Dk left early! Tsk!

Met my secondary school mate Evonne.

The drinks are deadly! I remember drinking like 15 cups or so… then.. things started getting a tad hazy..

Note to all bloggers: When I start going “bottoms up!”, please stop me okay!

We started getting cheeky…

We started getting kissy…

We started making weird faces…

And we started acting cute…

Jolin has went maddddd!

Thanks Kenny and Grayling for the invite! We had lotsa fun! Can’t wait for the next party! 😉

Q: What happens when you put bloggers + free flow of alcohol together?
A: You get a crazy amount of camwhoring pictures!

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