uh huh.

remember my previous post?

i was bloghopping as usual and came across a blog that seems to be of the same topic. however at the opposite end of what i said. i do hope im being sensitive and she’s not talking about me.

but maybe she felt sensitive about my post and thought i was talking about her. hmmm. interesting aint it. well fyi lady, it wasnt. it was about some dumb twit who had half the words in caps for every damn sentence in all the emails he sent.

and if i assumed correctly, then i have just been called immature and many other stuff. i dont see how having a pet peeve is equivalent to being immature. everybody have pet peeves about something so does that make them immature or apparently having an one line mind?

if somebody can get irritated by another person who is always posting smiley faces (no offense you-know-who) in his post, does that make others immature or having a one line mind? afterall isnt it an informal medium and afterall written in the name of lame fun?

if having a pet peeve is equivalent to being immature then that makes everyone immature aint it? *ponders*

maybe i assumed wrongly, maybe the entry wasnt about me. but if it is, i am really disappointed. i did have a good impression of her despite what everyone says.

enough already. whatever she thinks of me, so be it. im still gonna rant about my pet peeves even if it labels me being immature and whatnots. whats a blog for?

gosh. its 1.40am. i better get some sleep. its another long work day tomorrow. unlike some people *cough idiot tiger cough* who doesn’t have to work. bah. somemore can tell me he wakes up late and spend the whole day gaming. bah.


  1. its ME she\’s talking about…my smiley faces! ME ME ME!!!

    nadnut: wah. you stalking my blog ah? lol. yeah la. im immature thats why i cant accept your neutral faces. :X 


  2. what a nasty coincidence to be the same topic lah. And how come so silly to contradict you straight away. Not scared you go and read meh? People should learn that blog wars are not fun. Period.

    nadnut: dunno leh. maybe her pet peeve is about ppl who cant accept other people\’s pet peeves? muahaahhaaa. dont care anymore. maybe im too sensitive and thought the entry was about me. damn these hormones. lol.


  3. wahahahahhahahaha. its the neutral faces. They are not even smiling.

    nadnut: do u have a pet peeve against smiley faces too? lol. join the immature club. ;) 


  4. Told you she\’s a drama queen and bitchy.

    nadnut: lol. fine. say it! \’i told you so\’ right?


  5. oei i got work too…
    bumming is an art form

    nadnut: yea la. i know you\’re looking for a job. good boy. *pats head*


  6. Why do I have this feelin I know who you are talking about?

    And why do i also have the feeling i know who she is talking about?


    I also like to put tons of emoticons on my blog… and i also usually type in small letters and uses CAPS alot in my blog.

    Jeez… You guys talking about me ah? T_T T_T


  7. Wah lau. Who who who??! *ROFL*

    I am only reading your blog NOW lor. I think next time scold people on blogposts must use name so won’t get confused. Yours was via email while mine was via MSN.

    That person was on alt-caps throughout the conversation… IRRITATING LEH. So I caps all the way then she ask me why I allcaps, then I ask her why she alt-caps then she ask me why cannot alt-caps so i ask her why cannot allcaps. LOL. I also very childish lah. But proves a point. :p


  8. I also got peeve with ppl using caps all the time..it’s irritating…what to do? I’m also a kiddie for thinking that way…maybe i should go get marry or sth so that i can grow up…LOL