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Tutorial: The Newspaper Nails

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I first heard about the newspaper nails from Jem!

I love trying out diy stuff and I knew I had to try it there and then! Here’s a little tutorial on how to achieve your very own Newspaper Nails!

First, paint your nails. I chose a light baby blue colour. I would advice going for light colours like cream, white, light gray. Do not choose glittery colours as the effect would not be as great as with matte colours.

Cut out small squares of newspapers. Choose pieces with text only. I wouldn’t advice using images. Ensure that the pieces are bigger than your finger.

Pour a small amount of alcohol into a cup. I used vodka in this case.

Dip your nail into that cup of alcohol. Soak your nail for about 30 seconds.

Wrap that piece of newspaper on your fingernail. Apply pressure for a good minute.

Remove the newspaper carefully. The newspaper print would have “transferred” onto your nail.

Apply topcoat!

End result:

This is before cleanup.

After cleanup.

I love the newspaper nails! Am definitely gonna do it again! Do try it out! Don’t forget to apply some cuticle oil after everything!

What do you think of this tutorial? Do share your links/pics with me if you are trying out this tutorial. 🙂

Have fun girls!

26 thoughts on “Tutorial: The Newspaper Nails”

  1. freaking cooooooool!!!! I don’t usually do my nails but after seeing this I feel like trying! hahah use Martell can or not? Looks professional also leh! Can wear it to work 😀


    nadnut Reply:

    Hahhaa i think most alcohol can use!


  2. The vodka is for drinking till you’re stoned! Haha just kidding, this was perfect on you!


    nadnut Reply:

    Awww thanks babe! Thanks for tweeting about this!


  3. Looks cool! I think the alcohol used for this is rubbing alcohol which is dirt cheap and not the kind of alcohol like Vodka of Martel. Also, water can be used instead of alcohol. Just cut the newspaper and dip it in the water till wet and wrap it around the nail and press hard.


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