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the years pass by….

early this year, i blogged about this

what does 2005 mean to you?

hmmm… early part of the year, i was planning for my 21st birthday party and fretting over the operation. then i had my first ever operation, to remove the damn tonsils.

i then spent 2 weeks recovering from the operation… eating only cold plain porridge and icecream..

i had my 21st birthday party and there was tooooo much food. thankfully, due to my operation, i didnt kena hoot by my friends 😛

my boyfriend left for australia for studies… and
i spent a lonely valentine’s day…

tried yoga… liked it but was too expensive for me…

showed the middlefinger on me blog for the first time. muahahaha. 😛

took up salsa…

the bf decided to spring a most depressing surprise by dumping me when i bought tickets to visit him.

changed haircolour, phone and acquired a middle name

i switched jobs and started working for a travel agency… and i got an interview with my dream job. got the job and job-hopped.

started wrting short stories

lusted over men in uniform..and married man.. didnt do anything la!!!

fell in love with phuket… gorgeous beaches, great fun and cheap clothes.. got bitten by a monkey though =(

played jackpot and won $100! hahahaa. cheap thrill!

took up many vices… too much drinking, clubbing, smoking and flirting… *shrugs* and was offered a fling. -_-”

joined the cowboybar

prefers buffet rather alacarte. *cough*

fell in love with duckie’s car… vrooom vrooom wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

found out about oasis… good clean fun~

went on a month long no redbull bet and won! 😉

was “the bachelorette” for one of the cowboybar’s silly games… LOL

spilled all on my race and religion

showed a picture of my pussy on me blog…

failed my flirting course 😛

went for a short break to bintan with the barflies..

a case of sexual harrassment… men are jerks!

tried cycling and iceskating out this year…

went to watch quidam! i loved it!

the first halloween party that i helped organise…

dressed up as a schoolgirl for another halloween party… pretty successful, i must say.

finally got my confirmation!

stalked poor barney. *cough*

became an ‘agent’

GAINED 4KG! tmd.

played with cowboycaleb’s cork. *cough*

my first romantic chrismas 🙂

wow. looks like a lot happened this year…. muahahaha. lets hope for a better year. =)

new year resolutions?

here are my new year resolutions..

– to lose the 4kg that i have piled on.
– to exercise at least once a fortnight (more realistic than once a week)
– to take things easy. if break, break lor. no more depressive nonsense.
– to get a good performance bonus 😛
– to save more money
– to cut down on clubbing, drinking and dirty dancing.
– NOT to pick up smoking again.. perhaps cigars instead? muahahaaa
– to get more sleep!

hahaa. tats abt it for now…

happy new year!!!!

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