the final countdown! – the rants of the annoyed one.

  1. apply for leave – done!
  2. purchase airtickets – done!
  3. purchase travel insurance – done!
  4. exchange money – done! (sadly at 1.185 and not at 1.17 :( boo) NABEI! RATE JUST DROPPED TO 1.17 TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. apply for visa – done!
  6. borrow ‘draggable’ suitcase – done! (unfortunately suitcase seems too small!)
  7. borrow winterwear – done!
  8. borrow/buy bigger memory stick! – done! jenny lent me her 1gb memory stick!
  9. purchase travel sickness & sinus medicine – done! i remembered i have problems swallowing small pills, so decided to heck it! im sure there are free booze on the plane, shall drink and snooze…
  10. apply for autoroaming (should i?) or buy prepaid card
  11. arrange date with online friend(s) to meet there – done!
  12. pack clothes – done! aside from the fact that my suitcase has all my clothes and the toiletries cant fit inside… im done i guess.
  13. pay whatever bills i have (mobile, transport, internet) – semi-done! paid transport & internet bills!
  14. handover workstuff to boss – handover meeting to boss and my temp staff tomorrow!

soon! almost done!

bought nice adidas covered shoes (30% sale! poor mrkennychan had to follow me try like 15 pairs of shoes yesterday..) for the trip.

cursed and swore when i saw the exchange rate drop, cursed and swore when the luggage just seems too small. it seems that only my clothes/winterwear can fit into the luggage, and my toiletries cant!

became tiger’s maria maid by fetching a few of his personal belongings from his sister. NOW I KNOW WHY HE ASKED ME TO GO OVER! TMD HIDDEN AGENDA! not only that, that goondu told me to save some of my luggage space to cart his books back. !!!!!!!!! bah. i knew he wasnt THAT nice. ROAR!

must remember to pack important documents – passport, visa, travel insurance, camera, batteries, cable and to try to stuff everything in that damned luggage!

i am only bringing like 5 days worth of clothes for 2 weeks?!?! damn fat jackets.

i think im damn slack, its just a few more days and im not even halfway thru with my luggage. hmmmm. did i miss anything out? i feel like i did…

after reading gigi’s entry on being upgraded to biz class, stingy lil me was devising ways to get upgraded, even seeking advice from a few airstewardess-es and researching online. hahahaa. but decided to forgo all that and just check in early. :p

final countdown! no more procrastination! do or die!

8 thoughts on “the final countdown! – the rants of the annoyed one.”

  1. eh…u still have time for a bigger luggage. or pack those super big rafia bags in so u can use them when u come back!


  2. hey babe!!!

    going away i see. have tons of fun ya? miss u loads. hope everything has been going good. keep in touch ya? have a safe and fantastic trip!


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