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the barflies

some super belated pictures. (pictorial entry)

my virgin clubbing experience at movida! i have never been to st james before that.. i was dying to head to boiler room though… my booty belongs there!

these bunch of people are mad. numerous bottles on the table. -_-” i fear for my liver. and no, i wasnt drunk. heh.

one of the birthday boys and me.

the cake was sitting there untouched. greedy me grabbed a slice. lol.

stupid tk poked his head in. -_-

a proper pic without the head. lol

now, the birthday boy looks drunk. lol.

tk acting cute.

im the one who looks drunk now. lol.

one of my “brothers”. heh.

this sweetie is soooo cute! and is a good dancer!

pics courtesy of cow. 🙂

pics of the bbq sometime back….

there were a lot of food! damn shiokadoodoo! when can we have another one?!

check out the amount of b&j icecream! shiok!

a ds lite corner. there were 2-3 other barflies who owns dslites too! we can have a ds-lite party!

tk playing with a pink dslite and teh-ing that the ds lite is faulty cause he sucks at mario cart.

and we had a “lets whack the guys” session!

havent seen my favourite abang aloysius in ages!

group pic 1

group pic 2. i spot nannywen! *squeezes*

guess who’s drunk?

my fave barf barf!

fellow r&b loving partner. 😉

last but not least, me! check out the cowboy killer tee. lol. 😛

it’s always crazy hanging out with this group of friends. i miss clubbing!!!! when are we gonna shake our booty soon?

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