that thing about the zzz monster…

meow! zzzz

i seem to be nodding off at work, at meetings these days. cant concentrate, just feel sleepy. i blame it on me sleeping late. i have about 5 – 6 hours of sleep a day. but yet it is never enough.

i try to sleep early but there are so many factors that i have to stay up a little bit more. sigh. i need self control.

does anyone have any cure on staying awake? boss noticed i nodded off at 2 meetings before. this is bad.

i tried scratching my arms real bad and even pinching myself. all it did was cause scars and i am still zzzzzzing away. cant wash my face, i wear makeup. πŸ˜›

drank redbull. still the same.


14 thoughts on “that thing about the zzz monster…”

  1. try to drink coffee, leh! If dun like it, then take some sweets to keep you awaking all the whole time. hehe!

    nadnut: lol! i dont drink coffee. shall try the sweets! πŸ™‚


  2. try eating sweets (low sugar otherwise diebetic)…
    do some stretching exercise..
    sip water n dun swallow…

    nadnut: sip water and dun swallow? then ill look like a puffer fish!


  3. No! No! No! I know Red bull is a nice drink and can keep you awake but it won’t take long before you get immuned to it. What’s more, I shyed away from it when I heard stories of getting brittle bones after too much of Red Bull. The same goes for coffee and tea, so maybe a good idea would to be alternate coffee and tea every other 2 days, so you won’t develop immunity to them easily.

    Another way of keeping awake is to splash your face and arms with water when you go to the washroom. Like that, the aircon will ‘feel’ colder and making you more awake.

    The best method is still to sleep at least 7 hours though. Tested and proven, guarantee plus chop ah! πŸ™‚

    nadnut: hmmm. i dont drink coffee or tea πŸ˜› cannot splash face with water! later makeup run! πŸ˜›


  4. try to multitask, tt sure will make ur heart beat faster, and u will certainly be awake. πŸ™‚

    nadnut: but at meetings, just have to listen & take notes…. zzzzzz


  5. method 1: ask someone to scare u from behind.
    method 2: ask your boss to shout at you when he finds u nodding off.
    method 3: try walking to the ladies more often, run round or whatever place u can go to in the office. the movement will help.

    if all else fails, then look for a secluded place an snooze…. :-p

    nadnut: hahahaa. can do that when i’m in office but when at meetings, cant. πŸ™


  6. let me, the master of slacking teach you.

    Learn to sleep with your eyes open.

    REALLY. Then nod every like 6 seconds.

    You look real attentive then.

    nadnut: hmmm. cant sleep with eyes open… lol


  7. Think of Tigger enjoying himself with all those jug-breasted Ang Moh girls and foreign-horny-like-hell students.

    The unneccessary anger shall keep your blood boiling.

    nadnut: -_-“


  8. drink cofy!! or maybe you can jus pop a candy into ur mouth before the meeting. it helps too…

    nadnut: sweetie! u know i dont drink coffee! 


  9. play games on the computer.

    coffee really works. mix it with milo or chocolate if you dun like its taste.

    and.. 5-6 hours is really paltry lah!! Sleep more!

    nadnut: cant play games. lol.  


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