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that thing about batam…

2 weeks ago, i headed to batam with jen jen, ben ben and tiger.

we took up the “honeymoon” package from five stars travel. quite cheap. 150 each. accommodation (harris resort), ferry, shuttle service, breakfast, dinner, chocs, a glass of wine/juice and massage.

lotsa pics. (some are from jen jen.) woo hoo!

while waiting for our ferry. our fave. hashbrowns. yes, very minimal makeup trip. check out our sexy eyebags. lol!

sea raider 2. the magic ferry. was an ok ride. tiger and i brought our ds lites and we were battling each other all the way.

jen jen and ben ben with our ds. (im calling my ds ‘naDS lite’. lol. jen’s suggestion). proof that jen cheats!

tiger and me. lol.

we then transferred to the shuttle service. it was a super fast ride. like less than 5 mins? we managed to get an early check in plus the free upgrade.

cute key card system. you get to choose which design you prefer.

the pretty flowers. doesnt it reminds you of my bangkok trip?

the flowers in the bath tub. lol. i just scooped them and placed it one side. didnt even used it. 😛

our complimentary fruits, chocs and cookies. i only tried a few cookies. lol. heard from ben&jenny’s that the chocs werent good.

the view from our room. can you see the tentage on the left? there was some event. very noisy!

i like this pic a lot. colourful!

the restaurant below.

the pwetty swimming pool. we wanted to take a dip but there were too many pesky kids. bah.

ben&jenny’s left for their massage first and we soon went for ours. never ever choose the massage during 11am – 1pm slot. the massage was in an open air hut with a pathetic fan. the staff and us were sweating like mad. oil + sweat = bad combo. the massage was good but i rather have a massage in an airconditioned room. 😛

we then freshened up and took a taxi to mega mall. taxi from harris resort to mega mall = S$13. it was quite a long ride. and we spotted a mishap later. well, not really spotted but … there was a bunch of ppl crowding one side of the road and later on i found out from our taxi driver (malay classes do help afterall) that a motorcycle had fallen off the side of the road. poor guy. looks quite deep.

first up, lunch at a&w!

my chicken strips meal. the chicken strips are damn pathetic la. but nice. lol. i dont understand why there is only one standard size for the curly fries. it isnt enough! i miss a&w coney fries. bring them back!

my fave. 🙂 no float just good old rootbeer. shiokadoodoo!

after that it was pampering time! jen and i went for a manicure and pedicure while the guys wandered around aimlessly. 😛

my red hot nails. a tad too bright for me. oh well. didnt take a pic of my pedicure. i have spacey blue toenails!

the guys waited like 2 hours for us? the lady bluffed us la. they told us it would only take an hour. i was dozing away at the place. zzzz

a pic taken at the arcade. corny!

j co loving!

we decided to share half a dozen to bring back to the hotel to munch munch.

while jen and i were queueing up, they handed donuts to us. free of charge! we didnt even have to buy a drink to get a free donut! muahahahahaaa. the guys were grumbling after that. lol.

its really damn good! no wonder darkelfin told me to eat it straightaway at the counter. damn shiokadoodoo!

eh? whats that?

there’s a why nut flavour! i wonder if they’ll have a nadnut flavour next time. hmmmmm.

6 donuts to share. i love original glazed! it beats bavarian!

greedy moi.

i like this pic! i took a pic of jen taking a pic of the donuts!

we bargained for the cabfare back and i could only bargain till 60,000 rupiah. oh well. cheaper a bit only. reached the hotel, we took a short nap, showered and got ready for dinner.

outfit of the day.


we had a choice between a candlelit set dinner or the steak and wine bbq buffet dinner. after looking at the menu, we decided to go for the buffet. it wasnt anything great.

one silly incident. i asked for bacon bits of jen’s baked potato and they returned with bacon strips. lol!

the strollers. they actually sang a chinese song! not bad. 🙂

regretted going for the dinner. we should have gone out for seafood instead. we ended dinner early and went up to play mahjong. lol.

all of us lost. especially me. jen jen was overall winner. i suspect she was wearing red underwear. tmd red nails! not lucky at all. ptooi!

we then called it a night.

next day we woke up early to head to megamall again after our pathetic breakfast.

outfit of the day. yes i am a hungry hippo. we had lunch at a&ws again.

we then went to their supermarket and shopped. look at how cheap their redbull is?!

a cute cow i saw. sad. didnt buy it. 🙁 their toiletries were damn cheap! my nivea stuff are like almost half price there! bought the travel size ones (i dont see them in sg leh. do you?) and mandi lulur.

after that we headed to..

j co. again we got free donuts. :P. after my order (6 dozen), i cleared most of the donuts. lol.

cute packaging.

yummy yummy donuts!

jenad with our donuts! 8 dozen donuts between us! wooot! we then headed back to the hotel to pack and check out.

one mistake we made was to wait for the 4.20 ferry. we should have taken the 2.20 one instead. it was super crowded. 🙁 and there were all the irritating queue cutters. bah.

after clearing customs, we headed to sakae sushi for our nice dinner. it was a great trip with great company. 🙂 i think its a good trip to just relax but there’s really nothing much to do there.

next up! taiwan and perth trip! woot!


  1. Wowwheeee so fun so many holidays babe! Am so happy for you…btw i love the red nails & boy do u love donuts! lol.

    Going to perth on a holiday? How long for? :o)