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that thing about aussie… day thirteen.

this is bad. i felt even worse today. headed to the doctor. it costs abt aussie 70 bucks! o.O i better be able to claim it back from my travel insurance.

it is a case of stomach flu. and me drinking orange juice and eating pizza just made it worst.

am staying home today. sucks sucks sucks. wasted 2 days here! we were suppose to head to north stratbroke and have a pretty picnic there. but guess all plans are cancelled. including tiger’s superb lasagne 🙁

am only able to drink soupy stuff. no rice, nothing acidic or heaty, no chilli, no milk. tmd. how suay to fall sick on vacation. and it doesnt help that tiger is acting like a general now.

“go and rest!” “stop using the computer!” “eat your medicine!” “drink more isotonic drinks!”

bah. i havent buy any souveniors! i am so screwed.

i better rest, he came to spotcheck on me again. -__-“

3 thoughts on “that thing about aussie… day thirteen.”

  1. I recommend warm lipton tea with a twist of lemon. No sugar.

    That should make your tummy better.

    Get well soon. Airplane toilet got no seat-belt!


  2. sorry gal, didnt know that you were still unwell still. I left an email before reading this to you saying “Hope you are well now” Stomach flu is terrible! Look on the bright side, at least can loose weight.


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