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Outfit of the Day: The Sweetheart Dress.

Here’s an outfit which can be suitable for many occasions. Outfit breakdown: Dress: Sweetheart dress from TheBlogShop Bag: Black Bag from TheBlogShop Accessories: Hairband from FEP, SATC Necklace from Esplanade Mall, watch from Iluma and belt from Bkk Shoes: Maryjanes from Nose Stockings: AMK Hub I wore this dress for clubbing with Sabrina and Jacelyn …

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Friends Outfit of the day Outings Pictures

Makan at Barracks, Dempsey.

Remember I mentioned about the mysterious makan sessions that I started? Soon, it wwas Fidel’s turn to organise! Her choice was Barracks at Dempsey! Pic credit: I arrived late because poor ching chong boy got delayed by work. (Somehow both of us always damn suay. We always get delayed by our work somehow or …

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Friends Outfit of the day Pictures Reviews

Dinner at Porn’s.

We girls have this tradition which I started: Surprise/secret makan outings. Our first outing was makan at With a pinch of salt then Jacelyn brought us to some yummy Japanese teppanyaki and Esther had brought us once to steamboat and bbq! This time, Esther organised a makan trip to Porns! Before that, we had went …

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