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Pucker up. Taking care of your lips!

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Tips on how to achieve that sexy pouty lips!

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We all aim to have kissable lips, no ones likes peeling, dry lips. Here are some simple and easy tips on how to get the lovely sweet and smooth lips and most importantly, healthy looking lips. Say goodbye to dry, chapped and unsightly lips!

Rub the ugliness away!

Dead cells is SO NOT SEXY. While most people make a point to exfoliate their faces, bodies and even give their tongue a good scrubbing, they tend to neglect their lips! You can use a toothbrush to gently rub against your lips. Or if using a toothbrush seems rather weird to you, use a soft clean cloth.

Personally, I use a sugar scrub. I mix a pinch of sugar with a few drops of water and gently rub my lips. This sugar scrub method helps to remove dead skin and cells! Just remember to be gentle! Rubbing too hard might even cause your lips to tear and bleed.

Lubricate yourself!

Keep yourself hydrated all the time. Without sufficient water, one will suffer from dry lips or even cracked lips which are the first sign of dehydration! Lack of water is not only harmful for your lips, it’s also harmful for your body!

Remember to drink at least 8 cups of water a day, plain water that is. Not 8 cans of sugary drinks!

Sleep on it!

I would advise using a lip balm every now and then. Most lip balm come with moisturizing emollients. You can use a lip balm before you sleep or you can try using Petroleum Jelly. I personally swear by this. A makeup artist once recommended me using Vaseline for my lips and I never went a day without it after that. Dab a bit of Vaseline on your lips before you sleep and you’ll wake up with softer lips!

Say no to the sun!

There are some lip balms that come with SPF. Use them! If you care to put sunblock on your face to protect yourself from the harmful rays, what about your lips? Our lips have very little melanin and they should be protected from the sun! Use lip balms that have SPF in them and remember to reapply frequently!

These are my tips to achieve soft kissable lips! Hope you enjoyed reading them!

I am a guest beauty blogger for Cozycot. This article appeared here.

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