“My Not So Secret Lives ending”

It has been some time since I’ve entered a contest thus I have decided to give this one a go!

I’m entering the Not So Secret Lives contest, if you’re curious to what this is, read this!


24 March 2009.

It has been a month since Ellie’s last check up and it was time for her next checkup. In other words, the moment of truth awaits.

We were back in the DSC clinic. The same feeling was there, anticipating, not knowing, the sombre Ellie, a side that I hardly saw before this whole AIDS escapade. I held her hands, comforting her, telling her that no matter what happened, I’ll be there for her. Ellie was a bunch of nerves. She kept fidgeting and her eyes were blood shot. She looked worst for wear.

What made it harder was the fact that Cameron had totally disappeared on her. He had refused to pick up any of her calls or reply her messages. The only news she had of him was through his Facebook status, which didn’t say much. I didn’t tell Ellie that Cameron was actually asking about her from Trey. He had mentioned firmly that he can’t trust her again after what have happened and I thought it would be too cruel to tell Ellie that.

While we were waiting for her number to be called, I decided to ask Ellie what I’ve been thinking about for the whole month.

Me: Ellie, you know I’ll never judge you for whatever you did before right?
E: Yes, JesseBean, you have been a terrific friend. Thank you for always being there.
Me: Remember our last time here?
E: Sadly, yes.
Me: You mentioned that you slept with your last boyfriend a month ago? What gives? Weren’t you with Cameron then?
E: I was too ashamed to tell you this… I think I slept with him.
Me: You think? What do you mean?

Turns out during one of Ellie’s havoc clubbing nights, she met The Ex at Double O and both of them got too sloshed due to the fact that their mutual friends kept making everyone drink. (I knew it. Cheap drinks are horrible! They make everyone greedy as it’s cheap and good!)

Ellie woke up in The Ex’s bed naked and she didn’t remember anything. She snuck away before he woke up and left. She had been keeping it a secret from both myself and Cameron as she felt too ashamed to tell us. I hugged her. I understood how it was to get drunk and not know what was going on, after all I myself have gotten drunk a few times during our chalet parties. I felt so bad for Ellie. If she did cheat on Cameron, it was unknowingly. But in the end, it was no excuse, she should have never let herself get to that stage of drunkenness. Ellie had called The Ex recently and he had said too that he did not know if they had slept together. But the fact that Ellie was naked and he was too and that there was no condoms in sight, he thought better to write her name down under his sex partners list, just incase. I should have been there with her. I would have taken care of her and we wouldn’t be in this sucky situation right now.

Ellie’s number got called and she left looking at me tearingly. I was biting my nails waiting for the results while texting Trey.

Me: Baby, I’m at the clinic with E right now. Did C check in with you?
T: Yeah he did. He’s worried sick about her.
Me: Sigh. They were so perfect together, I hope things work out fine for them.
T: As much as I hate to admit it, I think they did have a good thing going. C seems to be softening. Let me know once the results are in ok?
Me: Will do. Text ya in a bit.

The door then opened. I could have sworn that it felt like time just stood still for a while. Ellie walked out trembling. I looked into her eyes and for once, I couldn’t read them. She hugged me and burst out crying. In my head I was thinking “Please don’t let it be, please please please!”.

She sobbed away mumbling something and I patted her back. It suddenly dawned to me that she was mumbling something that sounded like the word negative.

I grabbed Ellie and shook her and asked her about her results. IT WAS NEGATIVE! We hugged and started jumping like those stupid cheerleaders that we have always mocked about. I texted Trey the happy news and he immediately texted Cameron.

As we walked out of the clinic, Ellie got a text from Cameron. “I’m sorry I wasn’t there. Heard the news. Congrats. Take care.”

She started crying again. I told her it would take some time for Cameron to come to terms about the maybe-cheating-incident. I hugged her and we headed back home, Ellie to get some much needed rest after losing days of sleep worrying about the result and me back to meeting Trey.

While cuddling with Trey later, we spoke about sex. After the scare about Ellie, Trey and I decided to take things slow. Despite feeling horribly inclined to do the down and dirty everytime I was with him, we had to really control ourselves. I want sex to be special between us and I wasn’t emotionally ready despite my body screaming yes yes yes!

This wasn’t a game, there is no need to rush to the finishing line. I’m glad that Trey feels the same way and we’re gonna wait.

And we will.

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