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More tales of the evurl trainer.

nad: I cant do this anymore. my legs feels wobbly
evurl trainer: Since when have u felt strong?

another instance was when I was (jokingly) insulting him about something when we were at the treadmill and he replied…

evurl trainer: whatever lah!
nad: you always say ‘whatever lah!’. don’t you have a better comeback than that?!
evurl trainer: *smirks*

he then increased the speed and kept on smirking away. tmd! he had nothing to say and then he proceeded to have his revenge by increasing the speed. wtf!

i took a few pictures of the evurl trainer cause i wanted to share with you guys how he looks, all fierce looking and all. (my friend gerald even said he looks like a fierce ah beng, maybe even a loanshark!)

so he posed for the pictures, smiling broadly in all of them. purposely lah he! he didn’t even look fierce in ANY of the pictures but after the pictures were taken and the camera kept, the fierce face was back. -_-”

more tales soon. why am i paying money to be tortured by him?! I haven’t been to the gym in like 2 weeks and i’ll be meeting the evurl trainer later after my exam paper. I got a feeling I’m so gonna kena suan-ed and “punished” later. brrr

5 thoughts on “More tales of the evurl trainer.”

  1. hope your paper (is going) went fine!
    i’ll be going to the gym later too. haha.. trying to lead a healthy lifestyle.

    what time do you wanna meet on sat? let me know k? i’m free after 630pm. 🙂


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