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Minnie Mouse me.

First up, a plug on my favourite sponsor!


I love heading to Milly’s newest outlet at Bugis as it is a tad more accessible for me and the decor is so damn chio! I wanna wallpaper my room too! 🙁

Can’t help but to camwhore at her shop. :p

One thing I love about Millys is that her manicurists are very accommodating and creative! I told Gina I wanted red and white polkadots and ribbons and the end result was exactly what I wanted!

Everyone who saw my nails love them! Mad chio!

Do visit Milly’s newest outlet at Bugis Village Extension, Level 2 @ Bom Bom Street! Milly’s is offering some fab promotions right now!

In conjuction of Milly’s New Bugis outlet at Bugis Village Extension and the upcoming Chinese New Year event, Milly’s marketing team have came up with an attractive hair extension promotion.

Promotion A

Spent $158 and receive

A) Eyelashes Extension + 1 touch up Or
B) Hair Curler

Promotion B

A) Do 100 strands free 50 strands ( Thick Quality )

B) Do 100 strands free 100 strands ( Thin Quality )
Braiding method, $1 a strand. Free removal of hair extension within a year.

Remember to call Millys (at 8383 5395)to make an appointment!


Because I loved my nails so much, I decided to skin my beloved Blackberry to the same design. The initial thoughts of my signature rainbow and clouds look totally slipped my mind. Next designs then!

Totally matches my nails! Friends have been asking if I’ll change my skin as according to my nail designs. ROFL!  What do you think of my nails and my blackberry? 😉

Pssst. I heard that there’ll be a white version of the blackberry bold 9700 coming out in end april! At SingTel and M1 shops. argh!

7 thoughts on “Minnie Mouse me.”

  1. Wow!! Babe those nails are so pretty & cute!! The deco of the shop is really very nice!! Its at Bugis somemore *loves* so near my house!! Will pop by very soon for my manicure~

    How are u babe~~ I miss u .. so when are we meeting up with the rest?


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