Majolica Majorca Chapter 30: Sugary Trap

I signed on to be a Majolica Majorca Blog Ambassador for the third year running! Am proud to be an MJ ambassador! 🙂 Our first meeting for the year was held at this cafe called Darcis jean-Philippe in MBS. Got lost heading there! :/ Nice decor though and the snacks there are really yummy! The …

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Majolica Majorca Chapter 29 – Fall in Girl

As promised, I’ll tell you more about the new products Majoromantica and Lash Gorgeous Wing Neo! Majoromantica is a limited edition perfume. It’s different from other perfumes because of it’s thick consistency. Look at the beautiful bottle! If you’re wondering, why there’s a spatula, as mentioned earlier, because of its thicker consistency, it cannot be …

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Majolica Majorca’s Story Writing Contest!

Hoo Rah Ray! Majolica Majorca has just launched a story writing competition! And there’s awesome prizes to be won! Here’s how to participate! – Write a short story of not more than 300 words. – The story has to be about your magical journey with Majolica using these 4 products: 1) Skin Remake 2) Mascara/Lashbone …

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Majolica Majorca mascaras review!

Everyone has been asking me, which is the best Majolica Majorca mascara? Why do we need so many mascaras? What’s the difference? I thought it would be best for me to take pictures of all three different Majolica Majorca mascaras and share with you which suits for different occasion! I can see some of you …

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