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look how big it is!

thebeanmaster had to play at the artshouse today and he was lugging his electric bass around while out with me. look how big and tall it is! and yes, look how short i am. it was so bloody irritating. everyone was avoiding him and his stuff that they kept banging into me. BAH!

another one of my word teeshirts. this one says ‘dont fall for my sweet talk’. LOL! and oh yes, i absolutely enjoyed ‘night at the museum’. go watch! you’ll be laughing away!

1 thought on “look how big it is!”

  1. Haha. Yeah it\’s a pretty good show. The part where that face-thing says \”dumb dumb, I want my gum gum\” is freaking funny lah.

    nadnut: hahaha. yeah! i like that part too!


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