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How we celebrated our wedding anniversary

Last year I surprised the c(hubby) with an all expenses paid trip to Maldives #nadskaimaldives. This year, due to me being heavily pregnant with #nadskaijunior, no such trips! Also due to doctor’s orders for less walking, more bed rest, I’m under “house arrest!”

We’ll keep it simple and meaningful instead. Happy wedding anniversary!

I really loved my wedding, the planning process, the outcome and how it looks! It’s such a pleasure looking back at fond memories!

Surprised with flowers for our anniversary!

Steak for dinner! With corn, baked beans and cherry tomatoes. Home cooked!

I need to invest in a grill pan soon! But shiok man the steak, luckily we spent time to marinade. Really flavourful!

Actually the steak is quite small lolololol. But delish! Must try again soon!

Thank you my love for the simple and meaningful celebration. 🙂

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