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Feeling lost…

The suckiest thing about being single after being in a long term relationship is feeling lost.

It’s that weird feeling. You do not know what to do, you’re unused to the changes and everything just feels so unfamiliar. It feels kinda like the first day of school, you do not know what to expect, you feel so alone and time just passes by really slowly. Or even like changing jobs after being stuck in a dead end job for ages.

It’s like, I used to spend every god damn weekend with Tiger back then and now, I suddenly feel a huge gap. I’m suddenly free every weekend now. Thank god, I was never a sticky girlfriend. If I had spent everyday with him like some of the other couples I know, imagine how big a gap I’ll feel?

Speaking about feeling lost, what’s worse is going back into the dating game. Starting from scratch, probably being mindfucked, oh I hate those mindfucking games. The “does he like me? does this mean something?” thoughts but yet if you ask, you’re being too forward and will probably scare the guy off way too soon.


Men. Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

3 thoughts on “Feeling lost…”

  1. hey babe.. hope you get out of this phase soon. If u had been following my previous blog, i took about a year to cheer up after my breakup w my 4-year bf, so i probably know what u r going through.

    Just try to fill up all your time w friends, family and work. keeping yourself occupied all the time works wonders. but don’t get too drunk all the time, will make you feel lonelier when you reach home.. (it was also during my drink-till-i-die days that I realised how much I neglected them when i was attached and it is something that i promised i will never do in my current r/s.)

    so just hang in there.. don’t start dating so fast cos its just gonna remind you of how much u still wish u were still with him (cos there are seriously alot of sucky men out there)..

    just rant out everytime you feel low and moody n emotional, maybe make another anonymous blog for your low periods or write it down or scream it out.. you will feel better.. Cheer up babe!!!


  2. Hey nad

    I am so shocked to read that. Are you any better now? I think keep yourself busy is the only way not to think about it. If you wish to talk, can always call me. Always around.

    Take care, my dear. btw is your hair real or still hair extension?


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