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If you are into unique accessories, you are in for a treat! I would like to introduce Damsels Most Wanted!

Damsels Most Wanted sells beautiful handcrafted jewelry. They handcraft each and every item and ensure that every item is unique as compared to the rest.

Not only are these items "one of a kind", they use quality materials such as rhodium plated findings, Swarovskiz crystals, pearls, czech glass beads, and semi-precious stone. They combine these items with other materials such as glass, acrylic beads and charms to make beautiful exclusive pieces which are affordable for everyone.

Some of their popular handmade creations uses vintage stamps + dictionary pieces, collage work, world maps and even chinese calligraphy.

Aside from that, they do customisations! Will share with you guys in a bit! Here are some of their items which they sponsored me!

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Part 3 of the Girly Staycation episodes!

Needless to say, after the makeover, all of us played dress me up!

We had a few blogshops that sponsored us clothes and accessories. Really pretty items!

So this entry is to thank the sponsors!

Pretty rose bracelet from Mynt!

Sweet kitty necklace from Wenya Designs who had previously advertised on my blog before!

The Elstarade Collection. Very unique open shoulder maxi šŸ™‚

The Urban Bangs Collection: Paired my maxi with a H&M Inspired Cardigan. Very comfy!

The Milly Walker Collection: While the Syshe Shift Dress is very flattering with aĀ  sexy back, the dress is a bit see through. I went with nipple tape and all the girls could see the tape. Errr, not sure if nu-bra will work though. I love Esther's Harel Pearl Dress though!

The Vanilla Lollies Collection: One of my personal faves. I love the dresses that the other grils were wearing! Super flattering! Sabrina and I chose the DKNY inspired dress in Light Pink!

The Miuee Collection: Super duper flattering black dress for me. <3 <3 <3

Am pretty pleased by the items. Which do you think flatters me the most?

We were all dressed up and we had plans for dinner and activities after that. Check out the next entry for Part 4!


When I first said I was going for a staycation with the bf then, everyone was asking me what staycation meant. It seemed then that the term staycation was pretty much unheard of. Laoniang enlightened a lot of people okay!

And if you are still wondering what's a staycation, it's basically have a vacation without traveling anywhere. A vacation staying put!

The bf and I had two staycations so far, once at Wanderlust for his birthday and the other at Rendezvous Hotel where I did the Biore and Whisper sponsored reviews! (Note to self: to blog about Rendezvous soon.)

I came up with the idea of a girls staycation with the girls to basically have a sleepover, play dress up, go clubbing and just bond!. Checked with Esther, Sabrina, Fidelis and Jacelyn and they were game. Hooray for spontaneous girlfriends! <3

Much love to both Esther and Jacelyn for recee-ing the hotels. With their expert recommendations, we chose Quincy Hotel.

Quincy Hotel is located fairly near Orchard Road. It's actually located beside Elizabeth Hotel, which is the place where Arsenal supporters hang out at during Arsenal matches. Heard from my siao on Arsenal fans. Hurhur.

Honestly, the location isn't fantastic. Cabdrivers seem to not recognise the address and poor Sabrina had trouble with parking. Nonetheless, the service at Quincy was good at least. šŸ™‚

The rooms cost about S$358+++ usually however there was a weekend promo and it turned out to be $268+++ instead. Not too bad.

Some pics around the hotel.

Here are some pictures of the room.

Similar to Wanderlust Hotel, Quincy offers an iPod dock and free drinks.

Plus points: We had a free bottle of red wine (which we did not drink. hurhur) and some snacks!

My outfit for the staycation?

A pretty pink outfit which had sweet white ribbons on them.

If you thought it was a maxi, you are so wrong! Very very comfy outfit. Loving sponsored by TheBlogShop of course. šŸ™‚

I think the bathtub was used most to wash our feet. Hurhur.

See what happened to our room after 5 messy girls checked in!

If you're wondering why it became so messy, check out the next post. Coming soon! :")


Today's featured blog shop is www.fuchsia-dream.com!

Fuchsia Dream is a blog shop that specialises in handmade accessories. If you are looking for exquisite accessories using expensive and well made materials, you have got to check out Fuchsia Dream.

Here are some of the items that I've gotten from them!

All of the accessories came in individually wrapped in a very pretty gift box!

Fleurs which retails at $42 is made out of a 22k gold plated necklace with half rose quartz beads.

Very sweet! I love it!

Cherlyn, $32 is my favourite of all of the items I've received. I love how versatile they are. I can imagine pairing this with a nice dinner dress and yet also use these for a simple dinner with the girls.

Last but not least is...

Red Rose Garden ($33)! This lovely necklace has a combination of the different flowers and a lovely bronze butterfly attached to a goldplated floral filigree.

Very very sweet necklace!

I love my items from Fuchsia Dream!

If you like the items too, you'll be thrilled to know that Fuchsia Dream currently has a sale! All items are at 50% off!

Do head down to her site now! Start shopping early for Christmas!

Do check out Fuchsia Dream now!


To advertise on my blog, contact me here to get a quote! Iā€™m looking for shoes sponsors! :)