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do you wanna go dancing?

last friday, i was itching for some good old lancing. havent clubbed in ages, didnt get to visit luxy in taiwan and i was damn “gian” to go shake some booty.

i was almost resigned to spending a night at home mahjong-ing with the parentals who have never failed to bully me. (if i lose, i pay. if they lose, they dont pay. -_-“)

thankfully i had a dancing kaki! jen jen! together with ben ben, we decided to activate our cannery cards.

but first, some camwhoring.

full battle warpaint. i love my eyeliner. whoever going to taiwan, pls remember to buy the kate gel eyeliner. damn shiok to use and it lasts long!

outfit of the day. jumpsuit from sg. accessories and belt from taiwan. charles and keith wedges. haircut from taiwan too. 😛

trying to camwhore using the big mirror but failed. -_-

us! finally a decent pic!

i cant seem to take proper pics for 2 ppl anymore. bah. kept cutting someone’s head. 😛

as jen mentioned, we had a smoke free time. i love it! though it was kinda sad looking at the smokers all cooped up in a tiny room smoking. looks like a zoo exhibit. 😛

this is the first time after clubbing, i need not wash my hair upteenth times to get rid of the smell of smoke. woo hoo! however it seemed like the smoke free rule not only attracted me but many many many others. smoove was damn packed and jen and i had to practice the “elbow dance”. (where you elbow ppl and when they look back, you act blur and continue dancing)

we all had 2 tequila shots each and when i wanted to jio the couple for more drinks, they didnt want. boooooooooooooooo.

i wasnt high! not high not shiok. but then, this time i didnt have anyone sending me home, so it would be a good thing not to get high. lol.

the bartenders at clubs these days do not smile do they? the one serving ben and i was damn dao/tao lah. even when i said thanks to him, he didnt even nod or smile. what a phucker.

i had a fun time people watching and dancing. there was this incident where there was this drunk angmoh chick who was stumbling against everyone and falling around. there was this guy following her and she turned around telling him off. she even raised her voice. “why are you stalking me?!”. the next moment, he got her number. -_-”

and when the 3 of us finally exited, (oh the grandma knees!), we saw them canoodling. tsk tsk. easy peasy.

next time, lets go daybedbar (or now known as martini firm), barfly for some martinis! and more r&b loving!

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