Carl’s Junior breakfast was disappointing.

The Bacon and Egg Burrito looks extremely yummy doesn’t it? All stuffed with lots of bacon and juicy looking.

Think again. If you look closer, you might spy a piece of bacon. So basically I’ve just paid for an egg burrito with a dash of bacon.

I won’t even bother doing a review about how it tastes.

Thank god, the mini hash browns (that look like nuggets but actually are hash browns) is actually decent.


Commercial Break!

Hollyhoque has launched yet another new collection!

This time, it’s loaded with a very funky bomber jacket and some very lovely tops. Do click here to check them out!

Aside from that, here are some pics of some of the items that HollyHoque kindly sent to me from their previous collection.

It’s the lovely Embroidery Bib Chiffon Dress in their 33rd collection.

It looks lovely with and without a belt doesn’t it?

Here’s their white lace back top paired with their dainty floral printed waisted skirt.

Here’s a closer look at the nice lace details.

And more details of the skirt. It’s a very sweet outfit! 😉

Remember to check out HollyHoque!

More photoshoot pics will be up soon! 😉

Photography: Colin Tan
Makeup and hair: Yours truly (using MJ of course!)
Accessories: My own
Editing: Colin Tan

Aside from that, since February is my birthday month, I’ll be offering discounts for advertorials and banners. Contact me here to get a quote!