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breaking my silence.

for all the time i’ve been with emco, i have never ever mentioned where i’ve worked in my blog. for a good reason i thought. keep things private for fear for fellow colleagues googling and finding out my blog. i prefer to keep my private life separate from my working persona.

turns out, i’m actually “more” well-read than i thought i was. 3 interns found my blog. lol.

eh boss, do you read my blog? lol. hope not. damn, now they know the bimbo side of me.

life at “emco“. the great 2 (wo)men team. my first picture of a colleague on my blog. and yes, the blatant sign of the department in full view.

the best there ever was. the best there ever will be. a 2 yrs plus relationship ended but the friendship remains forever.

somehow keeping my silence matters no more now. things have changed. it’s really time to move on now.

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