and so miss lazy bones striked again…

i was supposed to go jogging this morning but after yesterday’s double o night, i overslept the damn thing.


went for salsa again today. correction class. the dreaded feeling strikes again. somehow or rather im feeling stressed everytime i go to salsa class. grrr. must improve my turns! must remember moves! must do my prep correctly!


after that i was supposed to go to a free skincare and makeup workshop.


it was a free skincare and makeup workshop. however it was also a mlm session. though it was a nice thought and good intention to help me with my financial status, i dont think im keen on such stuff.

so friends, next time dont call me out for mlm sessions k? thanks.

went off to meet mr kenny chan. it was cycling lesson part 2! sighz. i only learned how to ride a bike this year.

tmd. so shaky. never felt so unconfident of myself in my whole life. wobbling to and fro… after 30 mins of cycling, my legs were begging for mercy. i was sweating like a pig, my butt ached like mad and my muscles were screaming.

yes i know. damn weak.

the said person refused to let us exchange our bikes for blades.

i was whining non stop and was complaining that we should have gotten a double bike.

and you know what he said ‘i wouldnt trust my life with you on the front seat.’

TMD! i know i cycle quite bad but dont need to be so direct right?!?! i was the butt of many sarcastic jokes that night. grrrr. and many lames ones too. but it was fun.

so i perservered. and we cycled for two straight hours. from one end of east coast to the other.

was pursuaded for a few groups to head down to wala but the offer of a free photoshop class and some clips were too tempting for me to turn down. and the fact that i felt so hot and sweaty did the trick.

watched Ali G (the movie) and a Chris Rock clip at his place. the movie has to be one of the stupidest show i have ever seen. damn stupid. the Chris Rock clip was good!

married and bored. single and lonely! lol!

my stomach was growling by 11ish. but i kept quiet. supposed to stop eating suppers. but at 2plus am, he asked if i was hungry… lol. turned out that he was starving as well!

off for supper! murtabak! extremely sinful. and good. *pats tummy*

and im back! 4am in the morning.

looks like all the fats burned off is piling back again.

but it was good exercise. though the butt aches like mad now. next lesson for cycling: turning 180 degrees. im still unconfident of doing so!

now, thats what i call good clean fun! and healthy too!

blading anyone?

a rather brainless entry. brain pretty dead by now. time to concuss!

6 thoughts on “and so miss lazy bones striked again…”

  1. u were there ? double O ? I was there last night too … pretty much the whole damn clubbing crowd … LOL… where do u do ur salsa ? i need a refresher course man … been 2 years ….


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