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a wala-ing good time.

again. another belated entry.

i was dying to head down to wala wala and listen to the unxpected. havent seen them in ages. (as compared to the times i used to head down to wala wala weekly!). sweet gracey had bought me shirlyn’s cd and i couldnt wait to get her autograph.

outfit of the day. check out the silly ladybug bag!

tiger wanted to buy a memory card and we were checking out a few shops. imagine our surprise when we stepped intot he shop above and the salesguy (or owner?) shoo-ed us out and asked us to wait outside?! -_-“. just because we look like students with no money doesnt mean you can treat us this way. -_-“. we brought our money to the next shop.

couple ds lites! *grins* many people are joining the ds lite family! go download new super mario! and we’ll have a masive orgy! erm. i meant party. =X

i love my eyemakeup! dark brown eyeliner + gold eyeliner + gold eyeshadow. but tmd, my eye one big one small. grrr.

cute! i spot barffie’s latte!

after some shopping and damage to the poor wallet, (mine. not tiger’s. i spend my own money hor. must put disclaimer else somebody would assume i spend his money. *rolls eyes*) we headed to wala wala.

it practically became a nadnut night la. shirlyn kept mentioning my name and making jokes at me. 🙁 kena bullied.

heh. cute pic. ignore idiot behind and the tweese. not me hor.

the unxpected. btw congrats shirlyn on winning the 2 awards!

i requested for my favourite song. (i always request for this) but i didnt get my dedication. but they played ruok’s lips of an angel instead. grrr.

missy booboo and me. heh.

random pic. hahahaaaa. ruok caught offguard. yes, my camera’s flashes tend to get that reaction out of people. 😛

long time since i had a stamp..

somebody’s sexy back. woooooooooooooo!

let’s start a meme. pose with a sign of your blog link. heh. yes, i’m an el cheapo. i used my receipt. heh.

one participant!

woooot. my cd!

shirlyn signed it! i became nadnutnuttynutnut! lol.

a proper pic of ruok and me. 🙂 i miss wala wala already. heh.

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