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de friday de 13th post.

went for grand copthorne waterfront buffet coz KENNY CHAN says its 1-for-1. so ate little for lunch. kena gastric and got cheated. aint 1-for-1.

$47 bucks for a buffet.

heck and went for it.

regretted not bring my camera. there was chocolate fondue! had a chocolate mini fountain. yum.

bbq food. long prawns. oysters. sashimi. sushi. salmon. 4 treasures soup. new zealand fare. kiwi “martini”. cheese. salad. fruits. icecream. strawberry shortcake. tarts. steaks. lambchop. indonesian fried rice.

de list is endless.

felt i didnt eat much. not worth my cash! can u imagine getting gastric while having a buffet?

feeling full and dead hungry at de same time.

ariel nearly killed me by asking me to take milky stuff like icecream. when de cure was warm soup. argh.

after discount. bill amounted to 40 buckaroos per person. not worth it~~~~~

tried oyster and its horrid! *pui!*

went off to double o after tat. had an anniversary thing. so was free entry and free flow.

onlie had one drink coz scared my tummy cant take it after gastric. nice meeting interesting ppl.

STEVEN LIM WAS THERE! as CAPTAIN BUTTCHEEKS! lol. see him shack his ass. lol. in a ‘superman’ outfit.

robin leong was there too. disappointing. looks fatter in real life. lol. tot tv makes ppl look fatter? *ponders*

anyway, pics taken from de camerafone…

ariel and me wiv our plate of chocolate covered strawberries! extremely sinful!

our kiwi ‘martinis’

yummy prawns!

oysters, choc covered marshmallows and strawberries!

ariel and i camwhoring @ double 0…

de 3 of us…

a night of buffet and clubbing.

yummy! spent a lot though…

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