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the zoo post…

WAS supposed to meet ariel at bedok @ 8.45am.

surprise surprise surprise. woke up only at 9.45am. rushed like mad and took a cab to the zoo..

sorry peeps. *sheepish look*

de rest were all clad in white tops and denim. like some sorta uniform. lol. explored the zoo with a help with a map and kenny’s map reading skills.

found the giraffes that selena was raving about. lol. she and her giraffe. she managed to get her stuffed giraffe too.

it suddenly rained cats and dogs and the 4 of us were stucked in a shelter for more than an hour. a knight in shining armour came to our rescue in the shape of the zoo personnel with her buggy.

totally fast & bumpy ride. though it rained, it didnt dampen our spirits! well. sorta. hahaha. had lunch at kfc and we witnessed kenny’s eating habits.

who eats whipped potato piled on chicken, you tell me? i guess to witness a guy’s barbaric character, you must drag them to kfc. the ex used to mix chilli sauce in his whipped potato and coleslaw. *shivers*

off we tropped like 3 little ducklings to the zoo again. caught a great sealion show.

after the zoo, we went off to have steamboat at parkway which kenny was raving about.

the tom yam soup power man. hahaha. had kenny bright red and me with swollen lips.

though they did cheat our money i felt. bah.

great day. great peeps. carefree once again i felt.

pics galore! open in a new window for bigger pic.

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