my my. i was surfing ebay

when i stumbled on tis

someone selling himself on a date for 25 cents!

lets have a good laugh at him yeah? and his pics! oh man. he is probably trying to copy de Eileen Wee thingy

here is his description..

one of a kind date with me.humourous,i outta be a little wacked or i wouldnt be doing this.into sports.want to know more then buy a date with me.only 25cents!!! the cost of a macdonald’s ice-cream.very affordable. revealing my vital stats’ a little embarressing.i’m 1.83m.yep,thats all u’ll get folks. all preceeds go to the charity of my choice. erm,no gays please.

uh huh. weird? despo? i dunno. despo for love? a date or cash? or perhaps… a sabotage!

pics of de weird fella..

my my… weird peeps these days..

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