bad day. bad bad day.

food poisoning. muz be de chicken yesterday. damn. mr toilet bowl is my best friend now. damn damn damn.

mum cooked ‘ayam masak merah’. but cant eat! spicy food is a big no-no for me now. argh. f**k man!

good day: went for ‘mini-facial’ with ange and alaris (they did eye treatment), its free! so woo hoo! had tummy ache and had to say bye bye to them in de toilet. (-____-“)

after tat pampered myself by splurging on a top (its black again!) in osmose. woo hoo! there goes my cash.

did i also mention i took a cab to tm? and going back?


good stuff:-

  • free facial
  • free parafin hand wax (smooth hands! woo hoo!)
  • nice nice top from osmose
  • meeting ange sweetie

bad stuff:-

  • food poisoning since 6am
  • $$$ gone (30 bucks on top and 10 bucks on cab altogether)
  • abandoned ange and alaris halfway
  • cannot eat my mum’s specialty!

sighz. shall snuggle away at me bed till mr toilet bowl calls me again. >.< . wun be using de com, muz rest so... till i feel betta...

>.< (i hate kfc!)

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