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i feel so impish. wonder why?

de following has been STOLEN from SHAHDON’S blog. muahahaha…

Walau, kanasai sia! I was sitting in front of the pc at level 4 of the library. Received a phone call. Didn’t recognise the number. Thought it was my CP. On the other side of the line was this pleasant, charismatic voice. Here’s an excerpt from the conversation, the initial part.

Girl: Hello, may i
speak to Shahdon please *professionally*
Me: Shahdon speaking. *blurry*
Girl: Hi, are you from Temasek Poly?
Me: Er… Ya…
Girl: Oh, ok,
we’re calling from Singapore Idol.
Me: … Er…. *even more blurry*
Girl: It’s me lah… Nadia!!!

WTF!!! For a moment i saw the light… light of hope.. I’m being called back for idol?! Mahaah!!! RIDICULOUS. Didn’t even make it through the first round with the judges! Well done Nadia… shocked me for a while. She have this convincing voice. She sounded better then those girls who called me for the REAL audition. They spoke to fast and i couldn’t catch it. At least Nadia’s version was better. Well done!!!

muahahhaa. aside from shahdon, MISS NEO YI-YU (aka JENNY) and MIRA kena also. not abt singapore idol though. muahahaaa.

aside from tat, i feel disappointed in de clique. im not gonna bother. after all why should i bother when others dun?

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