congrats to those elected in bsc!

keep de bsc ‘fire’ burning yeah.. dun forget tuesday bsc potluck chalet..,

my mistake its 2 bedrooms not 3… anyway, got sofa and everything. 🙂

do bring vcds also wor. those coming early can come @ 1pm. we can go beach (which is near) and go for movie yeah…

and those coming later, come from 5pm onwards.. its open. 😀 drag more peeps to come and remember!  its potluck. filling food! if u are reallie tat brain dead, come to de chalet and order pizza..

can order pizza/kfc/golden pillow 😀

dun say neva warn u. some peeps coming early to ‘chop’ beds…

lol. there is a fully equipped kitchen so u guys can heat up food/cook evrything.. s

o on tuesday, call 9855 4580 k? got bus from tampines! bus 29… but if u are feeling tai tai,

take cab wor… take care! see u guys!

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