Yours truly...

today was ndp preview.

everything was ok… sad to say tat i didnt enjoy ndp as much as i did in previous years. management problem. hmmm. anyway, its my last chance to be a motivator so oh well.

side track abit. thanks dear for de cat pics! so sweet~

tired out after de long day. had sad news. suppose to have a part time job on wed as a game marshall (practically wat i did in attachment) and suddenly juz got news tat they want ppl 1.6m and above.

like wat de fuck? sheesh. ok fine, im short but i can do de job lor… and its juz a one day stint. well fuck it, dun do. hmmph. the events company, u are in my black book from now on.

anyway, gonna end of tis entry simple and short, photoblogging later. heh.

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