a secondary school fren of mine told me b4 he was going to go SINGAPORE IDOL juz to make a fool of himself and i finally saw de clip! damn freaking funny!

click here to watch.

wonder which one he is?

its this guy…

CUCKOO SEAN! lol. anyway, to those who are interested, cuckoo sean is gonna do fire twirling at outside heeren tomolo (saturday)@ 8.30pm…

lol. go watch! sad, im tied up with an event.

anyway, a certain person ah. who is my dearest BELOVED ah. refuses to let me accompany him to de second audition coz he said i will stress him. -_-

then suddenly he ask me to go audition singapore idol (incase u guys dunno, auditions are extended) so can ‘pei’ him.

madness. ask me go join cheering contest, i dun mind. ask me sing?!?! got hear mirror crack b4?

so if i join singapore idol, then can ‘pei’ him, if not, cannot ‘pei’ him.


grrr. jireh says ‘he wan u to stress along wif him .. not go there and stress him .. lol’

BLEAH. dun like u! (nad points to dear)

>.< *super sulking mood*

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