hey hey!!!

i’m more relaxed! guess wat? most of my tutorials are cancelled tis week! so i dun have to hand in my 2 individual assignments tis week! hahahhaha! me very hardworking u knoe! went to school though no lessons…. then cleared up my financial documents for bsc and had a mini bsc project meeting with my 2 lovely assistants… then watched “Honey” with them…. good movie… 2 thumbs up! woot! movie ended late and guess wat? no mrt and no more buses…. had to take a cab… there goes my money flying away… sighz… today was ‘blue’ day for me… i wore all blue.. jeans, spaghetti, visor and my sweater were all blue! hahahahaa! me, silly kenny (bsc) and ariel were chatting and we decided to do someting silly… we decided to wear our secondary uniforms on April’s Fools Day and we shall psycho all BSC main comm and sub comm to do it… heheeee! will see if we still remember it… hee hee… then u guys can join in too wor? k la, i betta go to IRC and chat with my caddo GLs… miss them! hee~

lotsa love,

watching HONEY makes me wanna take dance classes…

oh yah! forget to update… today so pissed with someone… lets juz call him F…. i mean if u cant even sacrifice time for a bloody bsc meeting, it shows how much ur commitment is… is ur ger more impt or bsc more impt? i have a bf too but u dun see me complaining tat i have to attend meetings and cant go out and u dun see me leaving meeting halfway juz to go orchard to go dating… come on lor. WHERE IS UR COMMITMENT? i have made excuses and closed one eye but tis is juz too much. dun gimme any fucking bullshit on why EVERYTIME bsc have meetings on sundays… its onlie last sunday and de upcoming sunday, come on lor. juz to film de SL video. and last semester was because de majority of de comm was on SIP and we work on saturday too lor. dun give me some bullshit of why cant meet on saturday coz wat sunday is ur ‘personal time’. why cant YOU juz meet ur gf on sat? bullshit. sheesh. if u cant even give up a damn sunday (its not even de weekend) to bsc juz because u have to go out with ur gf (not even anniversary or birthday or wateva), it shows how commited u are. then why u bother to run? for name? juz get a life.


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