someting reallie reallie made me pissed… forgot to post it up… but i shall….

i read a fellow blogger’s blog and she was toking abt indians. it was a HORRIBLE post. i would understand is she was saying abt the banglas as some of them are very lecherous. but not normal indians.

tis wat reallie reallie pissed me off:-

“My god, they are very normal people, juz like the rest of us. They juz need to…REBOND their hair, bleach their bodies, cut off their tongues, stop shaking their heads incessantly and change their race. I’m sure they’ll be just like us. “

LIKE FUK LOR! hello!!!! i have indian frens too. MIRA is a very very very very good fren of mine. my ex best fren MONA is indian too. infact in de whole of secondary school, i have been going to her house for dinner with her parents. they infact once brought me out for dinner at a high class indian restaurant. me being de onlie chinese was not a problem. if they dun discriminate us, why should we discriminate them? they are perfectly normal human beings juz like u and me.

AND THEY FUKING DUN DESERVE TO BE PUT DOWN LIKE THIS. yes, the person have her own right to write wat she wants, but HELLO. im linked to her. mira is linked to me. WAT IF MIRA READS TIS? or infact any indians reads tis? i knoe plenty of indians who are nice and those that are horrible. so? most ppl are always fuking racist. we have bad chinese and bad malays too. why not discriminate them?


rebond their hair? wats wrong with their hair?!?! why? they muz have normal straight hair like the CHINESE to be normal is it? bleach de bodies? why they muz be fair ? why not ask de malays to bleach themselves too! sheesh.

TIS IS THE SAME THINKING OF LIKE THE BLACKS AND WHITES! y? feel too damn proud of urself is it?

the writer is a fren of mine. yes, she’s nice but THIS POST FUKING PISSED ME.

too all those racist bastards. YES. i call them RACIST BASTARDS! think twice b4 u tok. they will hurt those around u. dont tell me u dun have indians frens at all?? Sheesh.

ppl these days make me sick!

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