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The Fundamentals of Love

Think back to the day when you first laid eyes on her. You found yourself
charmed by the way she talks, the way she dresses herself to show off her
best features and the way she embraces life with her laughter. It seemed
as if a mysterious “chemistry effect” has suddenly developed to draw you
closer to her.

You two then began to meet regularly, and you discover more things that you
admire about her. Her clever ideas, her healthy values and the way she
stands up for you when others doubt you. You find yourself thinking of her
not just as normal friend, but a very good friend. It is often during this
period that a boy and a gal will start thinking of bringing their
friendship to another level.

Afterall, the kind of wonderful experience you have between each other can
only become even better if it develops into a romantic relationship. In
other words, the feeling is really unique – no one else seems able to
replace her in your heart.

So both of you agree to go steady and work even harder on the relationship.
You “graduate” to become a couple, and are the envy of the sea of singles.


When You Forget The Fundamentals

However, at some point in your relationship, you forgot how it all began.

You start to take your partner for granted. Why can’t she laugh in a more
ladylike manner? Why doesn’t she dress herself more trendily? Why must she
assert her views and point out your silly mistakes? Is she really the one
for you? To be fair to yourself and to her, take some time to reflect on
your “love memory”.

The “love memory’ contains all the reasons that you fell in love with her
right from Day One. It contains rarely accessed snippets of how your life
has changed since meeting and loving her.

Pre-steady days, did you heap compliments on her for the brave way she
spoke her mind on bullies and snobs? You probably did. Did you like her
unusual fashion sense that makes her stand out from the crowd?

Right-o. So why are you criticising or finding fault with her now that she
is your girlfriend?

Because you have forgotten the fundamentals of love, like so many of us.
You have forgotten the reasons you admired her during the friendship phase.
Instead, once you went steady, you put your “love memory” in cold storage.

As her boyfriend, you take up a new set of demands and expectations about

These new ideas are not necessarily better; they could put your
relationship at risk.


The Secret Of Strong Relationships

A healthy relationship, like learning to walk properly, follows a
step-by-step development. You can’t possibly become part of a couple if you
aren’t friends in the first place.

Ok, I know some of us break the rule and plunge straight into whirlwind
courtship, but how many of those couples can go the distance? Couplehood
works well when there is something you like about her (and vice versa), and
I’m not referring to merely the physical aspects.

So whenever your relationship hits a rocky path, don’t give up without
checking on your “love memory”. Rediscover the reasons why you fell in
love with her, and watch your relationship flourish with a newfound vigour.

The SPACES between our FINGERS were created so that another person’s
fingers could FILL THEM IN.

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