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merry merry xmas!!!!

i juz woke up… now is 3pm… lol… let me tell u abt yesterday…

went to werk wearning casual… wore jeans, heels and my new top! some stripy cool top with a pink band… later i show u guys pics… lol.. werk was halfday… slacked slacked slacked… then came to 12 noon, me, ken and hazlin left for bugis… while Theresa, serene, zann and G left for suntec… we had fun shopping @ bugis, makan @ LJS… almost completed my xmas shopping! lol.. pleased with de buys.. shopped till 4pm when i felt really shacked… so went home to recuperate… lol… then slept a bit, met wen to head down to zouk…

met G there too… place @ zouk was nicely decorated… with tis ‘snow’ which was actually styrofoam, nice icicles, snowflakes… looks really like a white xmas! kudos to those who designed… though de snow thingy was tickling my toes… lol… met minz there…. stayed at zouk a bit but realised music was getting stale thus went off to phuture which was de point of no return! woot! oh yah, forgot to mention, we were with wen’s frens: nick, benjamin (i tink!) and vincent. later nick’s fren Philadel came with her frens… thus big big group.. music was great! all my fave R&Bs songs! i tell u, Andrew Chow is juz great! was grooving all de way…

though some nasty experiences…. one was being burnt with a cigarette… hurts like hell! skin is another colour now and there is a bubble! -.- ….. another was being grabbed by two guys… while we were dancing, a guy with a bandanna juz put his hand on my back, i tot it was G but looked back was tis guy, he gave me a thumbs up… then his fren a chinese guy in bblack shirt like hold my waist, then i juz moved closer to my group. they disappeared… *phew*… later on, the chinese guy appeared again, he was behind me, then pulled my hand, whisperered REALLY close to my ear like almost kissing my ear… EEEWWWWWWWWWW… said something abt dance or wat, i couldnt really hear… i juz like smiled and went back to my group and ignored him…. later he pulled me again, and whispered tis time he held my waist! said “i dun like u dancing with ur back to me” …. eeeeew… tink u guys get de picture already ah… he wanted me to dance like facing him and probably close to him… i replied “why so”, he shrugged, i then gave a shake of my head and turn back to my group, he danced really close to me i tell u! like can feel him… i moved even closer and danced with G, then he disappeared… PERVERT!!!! ….

anyway, enjoyed phuture ‘cept for tis incidents… me and G dancing like lesbians i tell u… lol… oh yah, met desheng and qiuling! lol… yah yah.. got more rants… tis angmoh couple juz danced like as if de dancefloor is theirs and cut thru us, wen did a really cool thing, she juz danced in between them… then they got de hint… kudos to wen too! lol… there was dis bunch of guys behind me and G, dancing like nobody bizness, they like purposely danced close to us, one guy in checkered shirt danced really close to G while de guy in white behind me like danced bumoing me with his stupid butt! so i did the thingy which i drew inspiration from wen’s fren, danced and purposely digged my elbow into their backs… hit them lor… lol… G did tat too.,.. wahahahahaha… toopid guys…. why do guys have to be so pervertic? sighz… but in de end, really really enjoyed myself! will be going zouk on friday, any takers?

merry xmas!

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