new year resolutions:- (not tat i kept them! lol… *giggles*)

1) to spend less… (it will need titanic strength for tis!)
2) to club less … (bah…. dear ask me club less)
3) not to get drunk tis year!
4) go backpacking in Thailand..
5) to study. yesh! MUZ study tis year…
6) to have a clear view on wat i wanna do when i graduate
7) to be neater for christ sake!
8) to decide for once on my religion
9) to be able to balance my time with studies, clubs and bf
10) to get a zouk card! ahahahahahah. contradicts number 2!
11) to execise more! gettin fat liaoz…
12) to stop pinching and biting ppl… UNLESS they irritate me…
13) to be more punctual!

tats about it! wahahahahah… stupid resolutions… lol..

lol… will i do it? hmmm…

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