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This is one phrase that I've been using a hell lot in Japan. It means I don't understand!

The sponsored trip officially ended yesterday morning however I extended my trip till Monday! Am currently in Osaka and we'll be heading to Kyoto soon to stay in a Ryokan and off to Tokyo for more shopping!

Japan's train system is mindbonggling! I get a headache looking at it!

Seriously, what I don't get is how these Jap girls can dress like so prettily in their full battle makeup, the works literally plus high heels that are DAMN HIGH that you risk breaking a leg with every step you take, with the fabulous clothes, layering, socks or stockings PLUS a headgear in the scorching sun?!

I wore a tshirt + shorts + jelly pumps + light makeup and I'm perspiring like mad, feeling all dusty and icky, my makeup is horrible after a few hours and my legs ache like mad!

Japan's summer is worst than Singapore's weather!

We've conquered:

- Teppanyaki
- Udon
- Tempura
- Yakitori
- Sushi
- Sashimi
- Omu rice
- Ramen

Time to try the instant noodles, jap curry! Any other suggestions? I can't find black sesame icecream here! ARGH.

Hopefully we'll have free internet at our next place! Updates soon! <3


Greetings from Tokyo! I've guzzled some maguro and tried some interesting stuff! Got propositioned by a gigolo earlier! o.O

Weather here is rather HOT! 🙁 Full updates when I get back! We're off to Tokyo Disneyland tomorrow! I can't wait!