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This is how I pamper myself.

Advertorials One thing I love about being a woman is shopping. I love pampering myself with beauty treatments, clothes and accessories. As some of you guys may remember, I always visit Milly’s for my hair extensions. I love going from short to long hair in an instant and from straight to curly whenever I want. …

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The colour Red.

Red. The colour of passion. Blood flowing thru my veins. The anger i feel. I poke a needle in your veins and you’ll bleed for me. You’ll bleed because that’s the only way you know how to show me that you care and you feel. Now the question is… If I really do not care …

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Pink Parlour’s Derma Refiner Facial

I’ve always been interested in checking out Pink Parlour due to its really cute decor and when my friend Sheena told me all about her experience after one of her many facials at Pink Parlour, I decided to check it out for myself. Pink Parlour has two outlets, one at Liang Court and the other …

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