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One thing I love about being a woman is shopping. I love pampering myself with beauty treatments, clothes and accessories.

As some of you guys may remember, I always visit Milly's for my hair extensions. I love going from short to long hair in an instant and from straight to curly whenever I want.

Straight long hair in January.

Bangs and curls in February.

Long curls in March.

Bangs and straight shorter hair for now.

Currently Milly's is having a promotion for both lashes and hair extensions.

For lashes extensions, enjoy $10 off the usual price and braiding is now reduced to $1 per strand as compared to the previous price of $1.50 per strand!

Milly will be throwing in a free treatment hair cream for those who do 200 strands and above.

This promo is only till end April so go for it soon!

Milly’s Hair Lashes Nails
Far East Plaza
#03-129 & #02-83
For appointment call, 8383 5395

After getting your hair done, don't forget to shop for some pretty clothes!

One of my favourite blog shops, Hollyhoque has launched a new collection and the items are really adorable!

I've already ordered a few items from their previous collection and the Satin Scoop Top from one of their latest collections. Catch them before it's all gone! They'll be launching their next collection tomorrow so keep your eyes peeled for that!

Wearing one of their lovely jackets from their previous collections. 😉

Last but not least, don't forget to accessorise!

Accessories add a fine finishing touch to any outfit and Wenya Designs have many interesting designs. Here are some accessories that I've ordered.

Adorable aren't they? My favourite would have to be the bracelet because of the cute kitty charm.

Wenya has kindly offered a 5% discount to my readers. Simply email to with the subject “I am a nadnut reader” and you'll receive a discount! Offer valid till 30th April 2009!

To advertise on my blog, contact me here to get a quote!

This is how I pamper myself, how do you pamper yourself! Do share!



The colour of passion. Blood flowing thru my veins. The anger i feel.

I poke a needle in your veins and you'll bleed for me.

You'll bleed because that's the only way you know how to show me that you care and you feel.

Now the question is...

If I really do not care about how you'll feel, would you still bleed for me?


As some of you guys may know, I absolutely adore Australia.

I have been traveling there yearly since 2005 and I get withdrawal symptoms if I do not head over to Australia yearly. It seems like this year, I won't be able to travel to Australia due to my current financial situation (

And look at what I've stumbled on. Nuffnang is currently having a contest and they're giving away 2 free tix to Aussie-land! So here's my contest entry!

I choose Queensland as the state I would like to visit as it's one of my favourite state with its beautiful beaches and scenic nature sites!

The Come Walkabout package that I've chosen is the Pacific Coast Touring Route, a six days package.

The six days would consist of a Brisbane - Fraser Island - Whitsundays - Townsville - Cairns route.

Despite being to Queensland twice, I have never been to those places before and this time if I do win this trip, I'll be bringing my fantastic mum.

My mother despite being in her fifties has to be one of the most adventurous mothers out there. She'll be traveling to China soon and she was my traveling companion during my 2 weeks trains-only trip in Asia after graduation then. Sometimes she even goes clubbing with her colleagues! o.O

Pic from Expertees.

She's my Super Mom. 🙂

Since her birthday is in June, I hope to be able to win this trip and bring her there as a birthday present.

Here's what we'll do if we win the package.

We'll eat till we drop with the delish food in Aussie.

I'll bring her to my favourite pancake place in Brisbane.

and we'll definitely gobble down the fresh seafood. We'll savour the seafood there, which is fantastic. My mum ADORES oysters, crabs and prawns and I bet with the experience there, she'll never look at Singapore's seafood the same way again.

We'll visit the lovely animals like the kangaroos and all. Perhaps "molest" a few koalas, tasmanian devils and wombats while we are it.

And we'll try out all of the water sports available! I can't imagine my mom jet skiing but knowing how gungho she is, I bet she'll do an even better job than me! I would love for her to try surfing, there is so many things that she hasn't had the chance to try and I would love for her to try them!

Pic from Discountdrivers.

Wish me (and my mum) luck!

I'll ensure that there will be a trip report if I do win!


I've always been interested in checking out Pink Parlour due to its really cute decor and when my friend Sheena told me all about her experience after one of her many facials at Pink Parlour, I decided to check it out for myself.

Pink Parlour has two outlets, one at Liang Court and the other at Marina Square. As I was around the north east area, I decided to check out the Liang Court outlet.

Check out Pink Parlour's about me info! Really cute!

Women are like kittens. Pampered, well-groomed and contented. At Pink Parlour, we work to satisfy the kitten in you. When you feel a little ruffled by the constant catfights in this world, retreat to our chill-out room where you can restore your sanity. Pink Parlour will leave you purring to your heart's content.

The decor of the shop  is just like its really cute and adorable logo, chic and cute. Here are some pictures of the place.

While my friend Sheena decided to opt for a Princess Manicure (priced at $28), I decided to treat my super neglected face to the newest facial, the Derma Refiner Facial (priced at $98) which helps to promote skin rejuvenation, reduce pore size, scarring and pigmentation. The facial also includes a back massage, eye & neck treatment and masks.

The experience.

My beauty therapist Wendy first scrubbed my feet with a salt sea scrub. I was confused to why I was given a scrub but I decided to keep quiet and enjoy it anyway. I was then ushered to a delightful pink room that I'm sure Xiaxue and other pink fanatics would gush about and was given a cute terry cloth like gown to change into.

Wendy did a quick analysis of my skin condition and advised me to take proper care of my face. While I was blessed with a clear complexion, my skin was suffering from dehydration and there were a few freckles on my face. I must remember to use moisturiser and sunscreen often aside from going for facials once in a while.

While Wendy cleansed my skin and applied other very soothing creams on my face, she asked if I would like to have my eyebrows waxed.

Me, being a waxing virgin was feeling a bit skeptical but decided to go for it. It was surprisingly almost painless. There was a slight pain but it was gone almost immediately.

While Wendy used her magic hands on me, I found out (from nonstop questioning. Aiyah, kaypoh mah!) that one of the core ingredients in the Derma Refiner Facial is the Perfection Peptide P3, which enables an exceptionally gentle yet deep-reaching peeling without damaging the skin. It reaches significantly deeper than conventional mechanical and biological peelings and accelerates the skin’s own exfoliation process in the outermost layers of the epidermis. Apparently the facial is almost equivalent to a chemical peel, just that you have to come in for 4 sessions (once weekly) to see the same results as a chemical peel.

Another active ingredient in the Skin Refiner Facial is Queen of the Prairie (medicinal plant Spirea Ulmaria). The extract contains a high concentration salicylaldehyde and free salicylic acid, thereby ensuring a better flow of the skin. It regenerates and refines the pores & surface of the skin, creating a flawless, porcelain-like complexion, which is smooth and even.

The whole session took about more than an hour and it was soothing and comfortable and I could see the results immediately. My nose was not as congested and the pores were significantly reduced. The whole experience was good and after chit chatting with Wendy, I decided to try out Brazilian waxing soon. *gulps* Am kinda afraid still but I decided to try it once and for all! (That is if I don't chicken out. :P)

Do check out Pink Parlour and let me know how your experience goes! And if you've done brazilian, do leave me a tip or two about your experience pls!

Pink Parlour
177 River Valley Road #B1-06A
Liang Court Shopping Centre S(179030)
(t) 6 100 7465