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As some of you guys know, I'm a free thinker. Have always been that way since I was 11. I never understood the need of different religions. Isn't it the same? In the end, you're believing in the greater good and all religions would state: Do not do evil.  At times I would believe that there is a God, but only ONE God. I have this theory that all religions are the same. It's actually one God but everyone has a different take on it.

Just like let's say if I showed you a colour, say Pink. One may say it's baby pink, the other says it bandung pink and the last may say its fuchsia pink. It's actually JUST pink but everyone has a different take on it. That's how I view God. It's just ONE God to me but everyone has their own take on it. Sometimes I tend to wonder about the existence of God. Is there such a thing?

I remember back in Poly, there was this classmate L* who kept preaching to me that being a Christian (or was it a Catholic, I can't remember) was better than being a Muslim and that I should be a Christian/Catholic instead. As much as I had "forsaken" being a Muslim back then, I couldn't help but feel insulted.

Why is there a need to fight over whose God is greater or better or true? Or on how this religion is better and that religion makes no sense? I believe in Free Will. You have a right to believe in whatever you want and I have a right to do the same. Why is there a need to shove down your opinions down my throat? I may not believe in God (I tend to sometimes swing between believing there is ONE God and sometimes denying its existence) and you or anyone else may believe in whatever religion you like, that's your prerogative.

But in the end, even if there is no such thing as a God (or maybe there is?), I guess some people just need something to believe in. Why do I say so? How many people do you know, in times of trouble, sickness and everything THEN ONLY starts praying to God? Maybe some people just need something or someone to place hope in. For without any hope, they'll have no will to live? I say so because I've seen some people who always say "It's God's will / God wanted it this way / I leave it up to God". Sometimes I wished that they would work harder and be more in control of themselves.

I for one, have a high/strong internal locus of control. I believe I derive my own fate. I do not leave it up to anyone else and I make my own happy endings.

How about yourself? What's your take on religion?


I'm kinda depressed right now because my pretty pink Sony T10 camera has kinda died. The buttons are jammed, the cable can't detect the camera and it basically just died on me.

I can't buy a new camera yet because I've recently paid for my airtix to Ho Chi Minh, bought a netbook and paid for a gym membership and sessions with my personal trainer.

Brrr. This sucks. No camera = no pics.

What does a camwhore do without a camera?!?!?!


Brrr, at least I managed to salvage some pictures taken earlier.

The MJ Ambassadors met up one Wednesday for a meeting and we were pleasantly surprised by an early Chrismas present!

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Did you miss WYR? I hope you did! Anyway, I ask this week's question because I have a pet peeve here. Once everyone has answered the question, I'll blog about it! This week's question is by Tiger btw! He actually gave me a very naughty WYR but let's save that for next week! 😛

If you were running late, Would You Rather?....

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